Top 3 Driving Mistakes That Puts You And Others In Danger

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Driving comes with immense benefits. You can commute to your destination at your convenience without depending on anyone, for starters. Besides, it offers flexibility, as you don’t have to schedule your day around schedules influenced by public transportation. It’s no wonder that many Brits take driving lessons to own and drive their cars. Statistics show that Brits are spending millions on driving tests. However, many drivers disregard driving safety instructions, leading to road accidents. Therefore, it’s important to avoid these top driving mistakes to promote road safety. 

Getting distracted while on the road

Suppose you are travelling with your friends or family. It’s pretty normal to get involved in chit-chats or get caught up in the kids’ excitement. Although this makes the ride more enjoyable, it can be dangerous to road safety. Using your cell phone while driving, loud music, eating and drinking, and smoking, are other distractions you may experience when driving. While distracted driving can be fatal, it also comes with penalties. You can receive an on-spot fine of £200 and six penalty points for starters. You can even lose your driver’s licence if you scaled through the driving tests in the past two years. Moreover, you can secure a £1,000 fine if the police determine that you don’t properly control your vehicle.

To avoid distractions when driving, it’s best to use your cell phones in emergencies. As a tip, park at a safe place and answer your calls. Also, pull off the road when you feel tired, as drowsiness increases the risks of a cash crash. If possible, finish your meals before going back into your car to prevent spills and distractions. 

Driving under the influence of alcohol

A dangerous thing to do is to drive while you are drunk. A 2019 DTF research indicates that approximately 7,800 people were killed or injured when drivers exceeded the drink-drive limit. Although this represents a 10% reduction from the 8,680 recorded in 2018, it doesn’t negate that it is still responsible for 13% of annual road casualties. You’d want to avoid this costly error to ensure your safety. Moreover, the fine driving above the legal limit can result in six-month imprisonment, a one-year driving ban and an unlimited fine. 

Fortunately, you can prevent this costly mistake in many ways. For instance, it’s prudent to hire an Uber or cab when you have drunk more than is necessary. Better still, it would help if you gave your keys to a trustworthy friend who’s sober to drive you home. By all means, avoid drinking on an empty stomach but the best advice is if you are planning on driving then don’t drink alcohol. You can also lodge at a friend’s place until you are sober enough to drive to your destination

Driving aggressively 

Suppose you’re angry or frustrated with someone or something. It’s best to calm down before getting behind the wheels to avoid the risks of aggressive, or dangerious, driving. Aggressive driving refers to any wilful driving practice that endangers the lives of people and property.