5 Quick Tips to Make Your Money Go Further when Buying a New Car

Image Courtesy of Pexels

Buying a new car is a great experience. However, to avoid becoming burdened, you must consider some ways to make your money go further based on your needs and commitments.

Consider How Much You Need to Run It

When buying a car, you should budget for lifestyle and running costs as well as maintenance. Getting a good deal on a car might be appealing, but many vehicles in the showroom look better than they really are. Moreover, when all is said and done, you have to operate the vehicle over a long period. So if you don’t have a lot of money to spare for monthly expenses, you might not want to purchase a hungry and polluting SUV. Maybe a more economical hatchback or saloon would be better so you don’t have to worry about tyre checks after the first month.Β 

Plan a Budget and Stick to It

There is always the temptation to spend money you can’t really afford on things like cars and gadgets. All types of cars are available, and there’s something for everyone. However, your budget determines which cars you can buy. Suppose you’re interested in a sporty Italian number, but it is likely way out of your price range. Do some quick calculations to determine how much you can afford in finance and how much you can reasonably repay. Your household budget, as well as essential costs, won’t be strained by an expensive vehicle.

Consider Substance Over Style When Buying a New Car 

There is a tendency to be swept up by a car that has all the latest toys and technologies without really considering if you will use them or not. A car should suit your lifestyle and look and feel good. However, your vehicle is almost always used for commuting to work. And do you frequently eat, too? Then your next car should be able to make shopping trips and store food. Additionally, children should always be given priority over everything else, especially regarding safety. So consider your needs over frivolous tech that you probably won’t use.

Think About How Much a New Car Will Return

Even though some automobiles are works of art, they often lose value. In the first four years, a car can lose over half of its value, and then more after that. Since cars don’t last forever, you’ll need to get another vehicle at some point. Hence, it becomes relevant to get as much money as possible out of your old one. Of course, the value of a used car will never be as high as the value of a new one, but some are worth more than others. And it is worth noting that some electric vehicles currently have a higher resale value than combustion cars.

Research What You Want and Make a Decision

Choosing the right car requires careful consideration based on your budget. Don’t put off making a decision too long, as you may miss out on a great deal. In addition, you don’t want to end up stuck with a vehicle that you chose for its prestige or ignore the critical features of the car. You should put comfort, safety and reliability first in your car. However, you must also ensure you choose a car you really desire. This is essential because you are obliged to pay on the terms you agreed to once the deal is final. Defaulting could have a severe impact on your credit score.


There’s nothing better than getting new stuff, but getting a new car is more than just a nice thing to have. Cars are investments. These investments include time, safety, and personal value.