Adria 2020 Model Launch

Being very happy Adria owners, we were very excited to be attending the launch of the new Adria model launch for 2020. On Friday 7th July 2019 we set off early from Somers Wood Caravan Site to Cranmore Conference Centre, Solihull. When we say early it was about 7am and the launch didn’t start until 10am. On the way we stopped for the obligatory McDonalds drive thru coffee before arriving at Cranmore. As we arrived we could see the car park all set up with Adria banners and numerous new Caravans and Motorhomes. We found somewhere to park and sat patiently until about 8am when our curiosity became too much and we trotted over for our first peak at the 2020 offerings.

We started at the Caravans, the first one we came across was a whole new model, the Altea Dart. This four berth rear island bed model was the new replacement for the Trent. The Dart offered a good sized lounge, the usual Adria kitchen with microwave, gas oven and grill and fridge freezer. An obvious improvement was the separate toilet-washroom and shower, now with a proper wash basin. The Dart was priced at £20K, an increase on the 2019 range, but clearly an improvement. Although there are four new Altea models for 2020, the Aire, Tyne, Avon and Dart, a relaunch of this range, only the Dart was available to view.

Next we headed on to the Caravan at the other end of the Adria range, the flagship Alpina and here was a new for 2020 Colorado. The Colorado was now on the twin axle like the Sava and weighed in at a MTPLM of 1900kg. The flagship Alpina came in at £31K and offered a wrap around lounge, underfloor heating, Alde wet central heating and many other gadgets. The layout featured single beds and a further two berths in the lounge by converting the sofa. We liked the Alpina although it seemed to be lacking some of the wow factor for the price, but the build quality was excellent as always.

We headed next to the four Adora models that were on display, the Sava, Seine, Thames and Isonzo. No changes had been made here apart from to the soft furnishings, floral curtains and green and purple curtains now debuted for 2020.

Next came the Adria Twin Supreme van conversion, based on the 2.3 litre Fiat Ducato. There were no great changes here but a new colour of light blue is joining the line up and replacing burnt orange, we were told. The Supreme still offers a practical van and a 2.5 tonne towing capacity. The Supreme was well equipped and had a good choice of options.

Heading on we were impressed by the range of Matrix Motorhomes on show, and new for the season, their silver sides still looked impressive and striking and their offerings of at least four berths had most families covered. Prices for the Matrix varied and the list of options was again generous, prices started in the £50K’s and went upwards.

Our eye was quickly taken by a new addition to the Compact range, although not so compact at 7 metres long, it was eye catching and impressive . The new Compact Supreme DL, silver sided, alloy wheel and silver Fiat Ducato cab. At £56K this looked very nice indeed, we couldn’t wait to explore this one some more. Inside we discovered a well finished interior, nice seating area and a huge rear bed. Although 7 metres isn’t exactly compact it was probably our favourite model of all on show.

We hopped out of the Compact and continued on to something new yet again, a new for 2020 Sonic Axess, this was a 7 metre long A Class motorhome. Unlike its big brother Sonic, this baby Sonic was shorter and had a white cab and sides, unlike its more costly big brother Sonic Plus and Supreme, which cost from £90K upwards of over £120K. This new Sonic Axess was priced at £70K and offered a quality A Class Motorhome on a 3.5T Fiat chassis, making it accessible on any driving licence. We had a look around the Sonic and found it offered everything we would want, Jules was particularly keen on it but for Karina it lacked the pizazz of the bigger silver Sonic.

We made a choice on which four to film and set to, sadly loud air conditioning units on the building and road noise didn’t help but we cracked on with enthusiasm and got what we wanted.

Whilst at the launch we met with Kirstie from Adria and she kindly gave us an Adria rucksack, probably wanting us to pack up our stuff and leave…

We also met with a few of our Twitter friends which was nice, including Anne Shirley and Martin Sanderson. Other faces there were Christopher Macgowan of Motorhome News and a few sales representatives from various dealerships.

It’s fair to say we enjoyed the Adria launch, we even managed a YouTube live from there, there was lots to see and it appeared that the range for 2020 will be the Altea and Alpina. Hopefully 2021 will see us return and a few changes to the Adora range appear, such as a worktop flap and the option of a front chest in the lounge.

So that was it, our days work was complete and social media bombarded with our tweets, posts and lives. We jumped back in to the Rexton and headed off back to our Isonzo, chatting enthusiastically about what we had seen.

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