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We are here for you to promote your brand and raise awareness in the industry. 

Our mantra has always been ” You only live once so make the most of it.”

About Us

After both serving seventeen years in the police we retired last year to explore a new chapter in our lives. After purchasing our Adria caravan we decided to focus on our leisure industry work and become freelance journalists, mainly writing and filming for our own YouTube channel and website.

We have toured almost full time in 2019 and our trips have taken us far and wide including Essex, Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. We have filmed about our trips and through the power of media hopefully encouraged others to venture further afield and live their dreams.

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Our Vision

As marketing changes and evolves from what people recognise as printed publications we are here on hand to help with new media. We want to provide value for the products you manufacture and spread the word with evergreen content.

Our passion remains in providing enough information around products for people to make an informed decision. We utilise all types of media to do this thus potentially raising awareness to an otherwise unknown market.

Why Us?


We review caravans from all manufacturers, reaching people from the comfort of their own home.


We can showcase products and, from personal experience, give the best advice from a practical point of view.


We review sites from all over the country, showing the facilities and local attractions for people to see prior to their holiday.


We have reviewed a number of towing vehicles for the leisure industry, showing off what the vehicles have to offer and how they perform in our market.


Who we are Freelance Journalist


Julian Ingham

Presenter / Writer

Karina Ingham

Presenter / Writer