Tips For Planning Holidays The Kids Will Love

If you’re about to plan a family holiday for the first time in a couple years, there’s a good chance you’re out of practice on what to expect! You just want to take the kids away somewhere to have a good time and forget about home life for a bit – it’s what the summer is all about. But when you’ve got kids to take along with you, you’ve got to keep them in mind throughout the whole process. 

Indeed, many of the activities you’ve planned or destinations you want to visit might not be all that kid friendly. Some of the things we like to do as adults, such as going on hikes or traipsing through museums, can be a little boring for anyone under the age of 18! And that’s something you’ll want to nip in the bud straight away. Here are some tips to help plan a holiday the kids will absolutely adore. 

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Plan Your Destination with the Kids in Mind

There are quite a few destinations out there that have been crafted to be ‘family friendly’, and perfect for parents who want to be sure the kids are always having fun. Somewhere like Disney World is a great example of this. However, a holiday like this needs saving up for; click here to comb through the popular places to stay to get a taste of the budget you’d need to put together. 

But even if Disney parks are out of your price range, there are plenty of other kid friendly destinations you’ll also love visiting. If you’re in the UK, various regions in France and Italy can be a lot cheaper than hopping halfway across the world. And seeing as kids love to explore, these two countries have so much to offer in terms of natural wonders and ancient history! 

Make ‘Boring’ Activities into a Competition

Anything you have to ‘drag’ the kids along to, or anything you’ve planned for you and your partner to enjoy, can be turned into another fun activity by just introducing a competitive element. If you’re off birdwatching in the forest, for example, get the kids to spot as many birds as they can – the winner gets a small prize, but the runner up gets a little one too. 

And you can create this fun environment no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. Indeed, a lot of museums, centres, and galleries already have puzzles and scavenger hunts for kids to do, so be sure to ask at the desk when you take the kids along. Even just a page to colour in goes a long way to retaining attention. 

Always Have Snacks in Your Pocket

Having a snack or two to hand out when the kids are getting bored or dragging their feet can perk them right back up again. A small chocolate bar, a bag of trail mix, even a sweet they don’t get very often. As long as it’s something nice it’ll help them to find a more sluggish part of the holiday enjoyable. 

So if you’re off on a walk, or you’re trying to light a campfire, or you’re even just sitting on a bench in a crowded tourist destination; no matter where you are, a snack can work wonders to stop complaints! Pack a few extra bags of food in your luggage to make sure you’re never caught short when you’re out and about. 

Join in on the Games

Whenever the kids get a bat out and play ball, or they want to run around tagging each other, be sure to get involved. It’s always more fun when your parents take part and laugh with you, and it’s even more fun to gang up on the adults and take them down! 

So during those quiet moments when not much is going on, get everyone up and involved in a game. Pack or buy some sports equipment while you’re away and create your own little league to excel in – it’ll make for some wonderful memories and you’ll be more than happy to do it again next year. 

If you want to take the kids off on a holiday they’ll never forget, plan it for them down to the details. You can throw in a few grown up activities here and there, but always make sure there’s something fun the kids can do alongside it. It’ll certainly help them to appreciate the time away for what it is: a chance to experience the world!