What do you buy your Dad for Father’s Day?

What do you buy your Dad for Father’s Day?

Is your Dad caravan, camper van or motorhome mad? If he is then these gift ideas may be perfect for Father’s Day.

When is Father’s Day this year?

Father’s Day is Sunday 21st June 2020 and this year many of us will not be able to visit our Dad due to the pandemic. This doesn’t mean we cannot still make the day special for them.

Ten Top Gifts For Father’s Day

1. Colapz Flexi Pipes

Colapz Flexi Pipes

One of our favourite gift ideas has to be the Colapz Flexi Pipe kit, available in packs of four or eight. These are ideal for use on serviced pitches when away touring, you can even add the Flexi Waste Pipe Double Adaptor for even more convienience. They make Dad’s life much easier by draining away the grey waste straight down the drain. Colapz have more great gift ideas on their website and they offer gift vouchers too.

2. Calibrated Torque Wrench

Caravan Torque Wrench

A torque wrench may not be a glamorous gift but Dad’s love their tools. A calibrated torque wrench is a must for caravanning, you should check your wheel nuts before every tow. This is the wrench we use and we recommend it.

3. The Best BBQ

Cadac BBQ - Fathers day ideas

Ask anyone which the best BBQ is and you will get a variety of answers. Most people, however, will recommend one of three brands. The most popular gas BBQ is undoubtedly the Cadac. They are available in various sizes which is great if you are cooking for just a couple or a family of six or more.

Cobb BBQ - Fathers day ideas

If you like a proper BBQ taste and flavour then the briquette fuelled Cobb is ideal for your camping and caravanning trips.
A popular brand is Weber, better known for barbecuing at home, this brand offers a great selection of products. The are great quality and a well established BBQ product.

4. Club Membership

If your Dad is not already a member then why not consider buying him a Club Membership. The two largest UK Clubs are The Camping and Caravanning Club and The Caravan and Motorhome Club. Both give you access to hundreds of sites across the UK. Being a member gives you access to their membership benefits such as insurance and discounts.

5. Cordless Drill and attachment

You may wonder why your Dad needs a cordless drill when caravanning but believe me, he may thank you for this one. When you arrive on site with your caravan it may well be Dad’s job to wind down the steadies of the caravan. A drill, with a corner steady adaptor when used correctly, can make this job much quicker and easier. He will certainly thank you when the weather is bad!

6. Milenco Towing Mirrors

If your Dad is looking for some new towing mirrors then without doubt the Milenco brand are the best you can get. We have tested ours out over thousands of miles so can recommend them. The Milenco Grand Aero are excellent quality and give a great field of vision. Make sure you buy your Dad the best with these mirrors.

7. Mark2 Electric Bikes

Electric bikes - Fathers day ideas
Mark2 - Cruiser

Your Dad may have been mentioning he is interested in an eBike to take more exercise and see more of the countryside. When caravanning, or motorhoming, an eBike is a great accompaniment. We can recommend these eBikes for their build quality and usability. There is currently 10% off these great Mark2 eBikes too with our Here We Tow discount. Just use the link to apply the discount.

8. Flagpole and Lights

Love them or hate them, flagpoles and lights are certainly a talking point. Their novelty value cannot be underestimated and they always seem popular on every site. Maybe your Dad would like to fly a novelty flag or light up his pole with some colourful LED lights. Take a look at the Life’s a Breeze website to find some inspiration.

9. Isabella Thor Chair

If your Dad is looking for a new chair then you won’t buy him much better than an Isabella Thor chair. If your Dad likes his Marvel films then he will love any of their chairs, named the Thor, Odin and Loke. A foot rest is available to compliment these quality chairs along with other outdoor furniture products. Isabella are certainly the luxury brand within the market.

10. Personalised Mug

You don’t have to spend a fortune to show your Dad how much he means to you. For just over £5 why not buy him a personalised mug for those trips away. Every morning when he has his first brew he will think of you! You could always go a step further and treat him to a new coffee machine.

You may have a few ideas about what to treat your Dad to on Father’s Day. Whatever you buy him it is about showing you appreciate him. This year many of us won’t be able to spend time with their Dad, us included, but let them know you are thinking about them. If you would like any more ideas please visit our Resources Page on our website.