Why Holiday In Your own Caravan Or Motorhome? 3 Top Reasons!

Why Holiday In Your own Caravan Or Motorhome? 3 Top Reasons!

Why Holiday In Your own Caravan Or Motorhome? 3 Top Reasons! Here we tow
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Whenever you are setting off on a great holiday, there will no doubt be all sorts of things that you want to achieve. Usually, the goals for the trip will include a combination of relaxation, excitement and adventure. We all want to create a collection of new memories and interesting stories.

While there are many ways to have a great a holiday, there are certain specific benefits to adventuring with a motorhome or caravan. If you are considering holidaying in a caravan or motorhome this blog will help you.

Here are a few benefits to adventuring with a motorhome or caravan.

The ability to get off road, and get close to nature, while still having temperature control and conveniences at hand

There are all sorts of beautiful, scenic, but inaccessible natural locations that you might be interested in exploring on your holiday.

All the same, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in a position where you can disappear into the wilderness for a week with a tent and a rucksack. Many of us love the idea of remoteness but still like our home comforts. This is certainly true if you have children who need to be entertained.

Travelling with a motorhome, or a caravan, allows you to get off grid, get close to nature, and explore those destinations which would otherwise be inaccessible. The benefit is you still have temperature control and conveniences at hand. Modern leisure vehicles are fitted with fridge freezers, heating, kitchens, showers and very comfy beds. You certainly wont be ‘roughing it’ for your holiday.

In many places, “wild camping sites” will have space for motorhomes. During summer months, small pop-up sites become available which offer great value. These are usually a farmers field set off the beaten track. They may not offer any facilities but that is the bonus of having your own onboard.

If you’re going off-road with a caravan, you might want to investigate the New Jaguar Range. A suitable tow car for your caravan is a must for safe towing. Campsites with grass pitches can prove a challenge if you suffer a downpour of rain during your holiday.

Being able to turn a single holiday into a series of multiple destinations with ease

On a typical holiday, logistics will need to be planned out carefully. Most people can’t afford to jump from location to location. Instead of booking several hotels we arrange for a stay in one resort for a week or two. Most of us can relate to a package holiday to Spain or Italy, for example.

With a motorhome or caravan you can wake up in one location and go to sleep in another, every day. The only extra expense, other than fuel, will be the cost of a pitch at a local campsite. Typically a pitch is far more affordable than a hotel room. Pitches at certified sites start from around £8 per night. A pitch at an adults only site will start at around £20 and a luxury site in high season could be as much as £50 a night. There is something for every budget, we know as we have tried various types or sites around the UK and Europe.

If you like the idea of your holiday encompassing a number of destinations, a motorhome or caravan might be just the thing.

Having a familiar environment with you at all times

There’s something to be said for having a familiar environment with you at all times while travelling. It offers reassurance, privacy and familiarity. With your own caravan or motorhome, you know you have a fully stocked kitchen of utensils. Your toiletries are ready to use in the bathroom. The wardrobe is hanging with your clothes before you even set off.
The great thing is you don’t need to sit in an airport lounge waiting for your delayed flight. Once you hit the road your holiday has begun.

You can find your own routine with your leisure vehicle. It is nice to go to sleep in the same bed every night, your bed. Knowing no-one else has slept on your mattress and in your fresh bedding. A motorhome or a caravan can change the way you experience your holidays.

There are many more benefits of holidaying with a motorhome or caravan. It certainly offers a unique way to explore the countryside and coastal destinations. Will 2021 be another year of the Staycation? Quite possibly.