Picking The Right Vehicle For Your Road Trip

Picking The Right Vehicle For Your Road Trip

Going on a road trip is one of the most exciting reasons to own a car, and the world is your oyster! Not only that, but you don’t have to go alone, and there’s plenty of fun to be had wherever you go. When we think of a road trip we tend to think about touring America but you can tour the UK too. With the great Staycation of 2021 ahead of us here are some tips for touring the UK by car. Grab a tent and your car keys and let’s hit the open road.

The Right Vehicle

Not all cars are designed with road trips in mind and your car might not be ideal for a long journey. That said, with plenty of stops along the way you can make the journey part of your trip.

How do you go about deciding which car to take knowing that you’re interested in road trips? You have to decide what is important to you. Size matters, comfort matters, reliability matters. If you’re going to be on the road for a long time, you want it to be right for you and your passengers.
People often hire a car for a holiday, one that suits their needs more than their own car. There are many places to explore in the UK including the NC500 in Scotland, the National Parks of Wales, the Lake District and the coastal areas of the south west.
You may choose to camp, in which case you need room for your gear, or self catering accommodation might be more your thing.

Picking The Right Vehicle For Your Road Trip - here we tow
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Your Travelling Companions

Going on road trips is fun alone, with family, and with friends. If you’re a family person, it’s going to be difficult to go on a road trip if your car is lacking the extra cargo space. You need space in the car! You don’t want to be cramped up with all of your luggage or belongings. Not unless you want to be getting out constantly to stretch your legs. If you’re going with a lot of people, space is one of the most important factors to consider.

With that said, comfort is nearly the top priority for anyone, especially if you’re going to be on the road for a very long time. You don’t want to find that when you reach your destination, you’re dealing with all kinds of cramps and pains – and sitting in an uncomfortable car for too long can do that to you. Something like a new KIA Sorrento has both space, and comfort, perfect for long road trips with the family. Kia have a great range of well priced vehicles, from the tiny Piccanto to the huge Sorrento. They have a number of electric and hybrid vehicles on offer too.

Picking The Right Vehicle For Your Road Trip - here we tow
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The distance

Most cars can handle long-distance travel, but the price starts to come into question after a while. If you’re buying a car with the intent to be driving long distances, you should make sure you’re very aware of the cost of driving. Every car needs a different amount of fuel to operate, and you don’t want to be paying extortionate amounts when you could halve those costs. Electric and hybrid vehicles tend to offer cheaper fuel economy but charging your EV may be an issue in remote places.

Not only that, but your car needs to be reliable too. It’s no good hitting the road if your car is prone to breaking down. There’s nothing worse than being stranded far from home, even if you do have a recovery company to fall back on. If you want to make sure your plans go the way you want them to, make sure to go with something reliable.

Even if the car you buy is used, it’s not always going to take away from the reliability of it. It depends more on the model, previous driver, and MOT history. Just make sure you’re not too hasty when choosing your car, as there are so many different features and qualities of each individual car model.

If you take a road trip this year take a first aid kit, bottled water, a blanket and a mobile phone. Drive safely and respect the local areas you visit.