Portable Outdoor Showering |Camping or Caravanning

Portable Outdoor Showering |Camping or Caravanning

The news we were all waiting for has been announced, as of the 4th July 2020 our campsites in England can re-open. The guidance is, shared shower and toilet facilities can re-open. Some campsites have taken the decision not to open their facilities. If you are still intending to visit a campsite with no showering facilities then this blog may provide a solution.

What can I expect when campsites re-open with regards to showering?

Colapz portable shower
Shower bag contents

It is realistic to expect that for the first few weeks of re-opening the majority of campsites will be very busy indeed. Many will be full to capacity and this means more demand on their shared facilities. Some campsites are putting measures in place to reduce the number of people that can use the showers at any one time. This may be by allocated time slots, queuing on a one in one out basis or some other means. The facilities will need to be cleaned more frequently throughout the day which will reduce the amount of time they are open.
Some campsites have already stated they will not open their facilities as they do not have the staff capacity to clean them throughout the day. Therefore they cannot guarantee the safety of their guests due to coronavirus risks.

What other option do I have if I don’t have a shower or I am camping?

If you are in a tent then you will not have onboard shower facilities. Many camper vans don’t offer shower facilities and some caravanners don’t like to use their onboard showers. It may be that you are apprehensive about using shared facilities due to the risk or don’t want to be waiting.
If this is the case then we would recommend the Colapz 12V portable shower kit. The Colapz portable shower runs off a rechargeable battery, which gives up to an hours continuous flow from one charge. The shower kit comes with the Colapz utility bucket bag and there is a choice of 16 litre or 32 litre capacity. Both will provide plenty of water for showers. You can fill the bucket bag with warm water too so you don’t have to shower with cold water.
You can shower outside with the shower and can use this with a pop up shower cubicle to ensure privacy for all the family. The shower comes with suction cups if you want to attach it to the side of your car, caravan or camper (as demonstrated in the video above).
The bucket bag has carry handle to make taking it to and from the water tap easier. When not in use it folds flat and takes up almost no room at all.

Can I use the shower for anything else?

Yes, absolutely, we have had our shower for a few years and use it for a variety of things. If you would like to see our other products click here.
You can use it to wash your dog after a muddy walk or equally douse them down on a hot day. Our dog Fudge loves being washed down when we are away in the caravan.
If you are camping you can use it to wash off your dishes without having to wait at the shared wash facilities on site.
You can use the shower to rinse off your caravan or camper if you have washed it on-site or at the storage yard.
You can use it at home to wash your car in you don’t have access to a hose.

The bucket bag is excellent quality and can be used as a utility bag when not being used for the shower. We use ours as a laundry bag in the caravan. It is ideal for storing wet towels in too.

There are plenty of uses for the shower and a full charge should last you a family a weekend away without the worry of charging it up. In the two years we have had our shower we have only charged it twice so it is very efficient.

Where do I buy the Colapz portable shower kit?

You can buy the kit direct from Colapz through this link. There are a few options available including the size of the bucket bag. The shower starts from £50 and the shower kit from £60.