Good Reasons to Buy a Used Car

It’s always tempting to buy a new car that’s shiny, shiny look and that new car smell are just two reasons to say yes to one. But it’s not always possible.It’s not always within your budget to say yes to a new car, even if you want one. 

Financing is always easier with new cars and they come with all of the safety features and technology that you could have wanted. Instead of rocking up to the Hyundai dealership and choosing something shiny, why not go to the used Hyundai dealership and choose something used? You’ll still get the whole new car experience, except you’ll just have a few miles on the milometer that you may not have expected there to be. Buying used is a smarter choice in the long run when you are buying a car, and we’ve got some of the reasons for that below.

Image Credit: Pexels

  • New cars depreciate very quickly. Did you know that you lose a quarter of your values for your car as you drive off the lot? If you’re trying to decide whether to buy new or used, you may as well go for a used one that’s not going to depreciate as quickly. Some makes of cars hold their value better than others, but not all makes of cars do. If you’ve borrowed money to buy the car, then going for a used car is a smarter idea because also it’s going to last you for a little longer than you expect.
  • You can often get much more for your money. Because of the depreciation on a new car, you’ll end up getting more for your money on a used one. Whatever you get for your favorite model at the dealership, you can either buy it with a sticker or you can get a discount with the help of the dealer. If you’re buying a vehicle that’s coming out of a lease, you could even save up to half of the sticker price.
  • A certified used car can give you Peace of Mind. Used cars are often being resold because somebody has upgraded, rather than because their car is no longer viable on the road. A roadworthy used car is something that can give you Peace of Mind because you know that the manufacturer is going to offer a high level of protection.
  • Variety is awesome. Did you know that there are somewhere between 300 and 400 new car models for sale every single year? This means that in a year or two, when those models have aged out and people decide they want something better, you are able to go ahead and buy something new for you that you may not have been able to afford buying brand new.

A used car is not just good for your budget, but it’s good for the environment. So why wait around to buy something completely brand new when you could buy an excellent car at a fraction of the cost?