The Benefits Of Upgraded Wheels & Tires

If you tow anything behind your vehicle, you’ll know that there are some extra stressors put on everything from the motor to the brakes. One of the areas that can see a significant improvement in the safety and performance of your vehicle is the wheels and tires. 

Here are some of the benefits of upgrading your tires and wheels. 

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High-performance tires are designed to be more durable and created using stronger materials. They last longer because they are designed to cope with more wear and tear than an average tire. Not only is there an impact on performance, but since they are more durable, you won’t need to replace your tires as often as you may have done in the past.

Fuel Efficiency  

When towing a caravan, you should expect up to a 30% drop in the miles per gallon – but there are a few factors that make an impact. The weight of the towed vehicle, the height. The driver, the terrain, and the tires. 

One of the most significant benefits that better tires and wheels make is that the car will become more fuel efficient. High-performance acts by reducing the rolling resistance, and your vehicle will require less energy (gas) to move it. 

When it comes to wheels, factory wheels are often heavier, while after-market upgrades are lighter, and this means less energy is needed to spin the wheel. 

Combine high-performance tires with aftermarket wheels and diamond-cut alloys for better fuel efficiency; read more about the alloys here


When carrying the extra weight of a caravan, you need to have the best brakes possible. Your tires have a lot to do with how quickly your vehicle will stop. High-performance tires offer improved stopping power, and this allows you to come to a halt quicker in emergency situations and in general traffic. 

Handling and Traction

Upgrading the tires to a high-performance set will offer improved road grip. The improved road grip will be noticeable in both dry and wet conditions. Both the acceleration and the braking will be significantly smoother, not to mention a smoother cornering experience. 

Be sure to check which season the tires you currently use; all-season factory tires don’t have the same capabilities as high-performance season-appropriate tires. 


Not everyone cares what their car looks like inside or out, but for those who do, upgrading wheels, tires, and alloys will change the outward appearance. While the main benefits come down to safety, fuel efficiency, and handling – a side benefit is the fact that your car will look more stylish, and that is something to be appreciated. 

Another side benefit is that upgrades like this will increase the value of the car, so if you are looking to sell in the near future, this can make an impact. 

The tires are something that should be checked ahead of every trip, but they are part of keeping your car safe through the year, too; here are some of the most important things to look at on your car: The Annual Checklist Every Driver Has To Follow – Here We Tow