Top Cleaning Products from PP Protect

PP Protect is a family business run by Richard Steele and is based the Midlands.
Richard had extensive knowledge of ceramic coating and detailing before setting up his own business.
In this blog we will look at the services that PP Protect offer to protect your car, caravan, motorhome or camper.


Many of us will have experienced a car or caravan dealership trying to up-sell products to us. One of those is a ceramic coating, don’t get me wrong, this coating really can make a difference -if applied correctly.
Where PP Protect is different is they do the treatment at their own premises and under cover. Many dealerships will apply products themselves and you may not get the protection you are paying for.
A ceramic coating can be applied to a caravan, motorhome or camper, as well as cars and vans.

Richard had this to say about his ceramic coating;

“PP Protect Ceramic Paint Sealant represents a bold new evolution in paint protection products. Exhibiting an extremely durable colour enhancing gloss which protects exterior surfaces including paint, metal, exhaust, stainless steel, wheels, and gel coat. PP Protect is a semi-permanent coating that actually becomes the functional surface of your vehicle’s paintwork. By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork you get a coating that cannot be washed off like a wax or sealant.This new clear coating is glossier, chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat. Providing incredible protection against minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays.
PP Protect Ceramic is not a your typical wax or sealant, which only forms a sacrificial shield of protection. Instead, it bonds into your paintwork or metal creating a semi-permanent glossy shell over the surface.
This shell provides a slick and easy to clean barrier against the elements by repelling water and preventing the adherence of contaminants.
Regular washing is the only maintenance needed to keep your vehicle looking fantastic. The coating can even be waxed or sealed over with your favourite product to intensify gloss.
PP Protect Ceramic paint protection can be applied to the entire exterior of your vehicle, except rubber and soft plastic. PP Protect performs exceptionally well on alloy wheels.
When examined under a microscope, paintwork has rough surface consisting of peaks and valleys allowing adhesion of dirt and grime.
PP Protect seals these valleys and smooths the surface allowing contaminants to wash off easily. What remains is a very hard crystal clear surface, which greatly adds to the overall aesthetic.
This new shatterproof ceramic coating provides outstanding long-term protection over carnauba waxes or polymer sealants while enhancing colour, gloss, and surface retractability.
PP Protect Ceramic Coating bonds into the paint work’s microscopic pores, forming an extremely durable crystal clear ceramic finish. This provides genuine long-term protection.”

here we tow - Top Cleaning Products from PP Protect

If you are considering a ceramic coating then we would recommend you contact Richard to discuss your requirements.


AlloyGator is the trade mark name of an alloy wheel protection system. PP Protect are able to fit this system for you.
AlloyGator™ has developed a tried and tested, cost effective and durable alloy wheel protection system which vastly reduces the risk of wheel damage. The product protects the edge of the alloy wheel to prevent scratches and scrapes.
The AlloyGator can be chosen in various colour to match the colour of your car, camper or motorhome. You can seen the white AlloyGator in this photo.

here we tow - Top Cleaning Products from PP Protect

Window Tinting

PP Protect are able to offer a window tinting service for your vehicle.

Tinting Film Benefits

Having Window tints applied to your vehicle has many advantages and can protect you and your passengers from various potential hazards.
-Privacy from unwanted prying eyes, protecting your possessions. -Reduces solar heat and glare, therefore improving driver and passenger comfort.-Removes 99% of dangerous UV rays which are harmful to all, especially children and pets.-Prevents interior fading, upholstery cracking.-In the unfortunate event of an accident window film will reduce the risk of injury as broken glass will partly be held together by the film.Last of all, it will totally enhance the look of your vehicle.

Get more privacy

The best auto window tint will conceal items inside your vehicle, particularly things in the back seat. It’s more difficult to see people inside a car with a window tint. There are a choice of tints available, depending on how dark you want to go.
Light Smoke (55%) – A Subtle hint of a tint Medium Smoke (35%) – An Executive finishDark Smoke (18%) – Factory Tint finishLimo Black (5%) – Ultimate Privacy finish

Window Tinting Laws

UK road traffic laws state the front drivers and passenger windows must allow 70% visible light transmission to pass through the glass. On most makes of cars the glass is already at this level and by having any darker film applied to these windows could result in you committing an offence.As for the windows behind the driver door (b-pillar) there is no restriction to whatever grade film you have fitted.

This van has been tinted and shows how effective it can be to have your van conversion or camper van tinted.

Window tinting - pp protect

PP Protect Products

PP Protect has its own online shop, selling their products for you to use at home. Having tried a pack of these to recently clean our car they are extremely impressive. We compared them to our Maguiars Kit and found they were on a par. Our favourite was the interior cleaner which brought the dashboard and plastic back to life. It left a nice smell that lasted over a week.
The PP Protect products are well priced and the pack offers all you will need for your car or leisure vehicle.

PP bundle - here we tow blog

PP Protect 6 Pack includes
PP Protect Shampoo 500ml
PP Protect Snowfoam concentrate 500ml
PP Protect Clarity Glass Cleaner 500ml
PP Protect Interior cleaner 500ml
PP Protect Tyre Gel 500ml
PP Protect Ceramic Detailer 500ml
Free aftercare bag – Microfibre cloth – tyre gel sponge and wash mitt
The RRP is £69.99 but there is an offer price of £49.99.

We would recommend the leather cleaner too, after 50,000 miles our Ssangyong Rexton needed a bit of TLC recently.
PP protect Leather cleaner is a dual action leather cleaner and conditioner. A must have for regular and efficient maintenance of all leather interiors. Not only does PP Protect Leather cleaner clean your leather, it then moisturises, replenishes natural oils and extends the life of your leather. The cleaner is £11.99.

If you are considering a ceramic coating or other product mentioned above then give Richard a call. We have no affiliation with him and this is our own genuine recommendation having spoken with him about his products. Richard is used by the Tesla owners group and comes highly recommended. Check out his Trustpilot Reviews if you are in any doubt.

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here we tow - Top Cleaning Products from PP Protect