If You’ve Got A Car, You Can Easily Have A Career!

Image Credit – Unsplash

Can you drive and do you have a car? 

If you answered yes to both of those questions, a new career could be lurking around the corner. You’ll be stunned at how many jobs you can forge by solely having a car – and nothing else. 

Opportunities present themselves from every direction, meaning you could use your car for a dramatic career shift. If you want to get a new job, we’ll explain how to make this possible with your car! 

Career Ideas When You Have A Car

What can you do to make money with your car? Here are some obvious ideas that’ll work really well: 

  • Become an Uber or taxi driver
  • Start delivering for Deliveroo/Uber Eats/Just Eat, etc. 
  • Become a delivery driver for logistics companies like Evri
  • Be a dog walker and travel around with client’s dogs in your car
  • Go door-to-door as a salesperson

You can imagine this list goes on forever, but it shows how many ideas and possibilities exist. If you can drive, you immediately have access to numerous jobs that don’t require any complex skills. You won’t need a degree for these jobs – and you might not need any qualifications. 

Top Tips To Help You With Your Car-Based Career

If you choose to go down this route, you’ll spend a lot of time in your car. You’ll also be dependent on it as your source of income, so here are some tips to make your new career a lot easier to handle: 

Buy a reliable car with low emissions

You’re driving a lot, so you need your car to be reliable as well as eco-friendly. Finding cars that fit this description can be tough, but if you head to a Cupra dealership it should be easier. These cars are known to score well in reliability tests and they do a lot of hybrid or electric models. Toyota is another great example; known for reliability and low-emissions vehicles. 

Purchase the right insurance

The more you drive, the more likely it is your car will get damaged or stolen. Ensure you have the right car insurance coverage to protect you against this. Your plan must include courtesy cars – if something does happen, you’ve instantly got access to another car so you can continue your job. 

Know your tax rights

The majority of jobs using a car will be self-employed. Some are contracted, but if you’re self-employed you need to know what can be put down as a business expense. As it happens, there are loads of business expenses related to cars if you use yours to make money. This includes the cost of fuel and possibly insurance or the car itself! Cash in these expenses to legally pay less tax every year. 

In conclusion, your car could be the key to the career of your dreams. Or, it might help you find a stop-gap job to do in your spare time while you look for the ideal job. Either way, if you’ve got a car, you can easily have a successful career.