Maypole Stronghold Atlas Caravan Wheel Clamp (SH5438)

Maypole Stronghold Atlas Caravan Wheel Clamp (SH5438) what we think.

One of the most upsetting things that can occur to any caravan owner is for it to be stolen. The numbers of caravans stolen each year seems to be a debated figure but is certainly in the low thousands annually. Many caravan’s are never recovered and a lengthy insurance claim begins. Caravan security is serious and we would recommend that corners should not be cut when choosing security products.

The most common place for your caravan to be stolen is the storage yard, and thats why a Cassoa approved facility should be a consideration. Storage facilities are often unattended and this gives thieves chance to spend time looking for the type of caravan they are wanting to steal. They will look at the security devices you have and consider how, and if, they will be able to remove or bypass them. By fitting additional security to your caravan yours will be less appealing to the thief, who will then look elsewhere.

The other place of risk is the driveway, your caravan is exposed and visible and gives the thief opportunity to look at your caravan. 

So how would your caravan be stolen, generally by being towed away, so you need to prevent this from happening. A hitch lock is an absolute must and we would recommend the Maypole Stronghold hitch lock which is sold secure approved. A hitch lock prevents the hitch being used to attach the caravan to a tow bar. Thieves can still get around this by lifting the hitch and tying it with straps or rope to the back of a vehicle, or tying the hitch down in the back of a van. Due to this you must consider using a wheel lock, an Al-Ko wheel lock is the one we recommend as it fits to the chassis of the caravan, not the wheel. Al-Ko wheel locks are insurance approved and one of the most effective locks available.

These two devices should be supported with an additional device to the opposite side and we would recommend the Maypole Stronghold Atlas Caravan Wheel Clamp. The clamp is sold secure approved and rated to gold standard. Sold secure is an independent body that tests security products, they are given five minutes to attack the device and try to remove it. Depending on how it withstands the attack dictates its rating. 

The Maypole wheel clamp should be attached to the wheel on the opposite side to the wheel lock and if a twin axle attach it to the wheel nearest the back of the caravan. 

So lets have a look at what the clamp offers;

  • Innovative arm design allows use with steel or alloy wheels
  • Approved to Sold Secure Gold standard for caravans and trailers
  • Insurance approved protection for your caravan
  • Includes 2 x (M12 x 1.5) Stronghold Sold Secure Gold Approved locking wheel bolts and key 
  • Prevents tow-away theft and unauthorised wheel removal
  • Fits alloy and steel wheels with tyres up to 265mm wide 
  • Lightweight and compact design (under 5Kg)
  • High security pick-free locks have thousands of possible key combinations and are supplied with 3 keys, plus a key identity tag
  • Robust hardened steel construction
  • Easily fitted in around 10 seconds (excluding wheel bolts)
  • Durable PVC coating prevents damage to wheel rims
  • Painted in high visibility yellow
  • Plastic storage case included for when not in use
  • Protective cap protects lock from dirt and water

The wheel clamp is attached in a matter of seconds and then the two locking wheel nuts must be fitted. These prevent thieves removing the wheel, and thereby the clamp,and putting a spare on and towing it away. Although changing the locking wheel nuts can take an additional few minutes, it is prevents the theft of your caravan, regardless of its value, then its five minutes well spent.

This is insurance approved so it may reduce your premium slightly and will deter a thief and hopefully prevent the theft of your property.

The Maypole Stronghold Atlas Wheel Clamp can be bought online from Amazon, Ebay, Towsure and other outdoor online stores. It is also available in caravan accessory shops. Prices range from £89 to £99 for the security product which reflects good value for money. We do recommend this and other Maypole security products that are sold secure approved.

Prevention is better than cure, look after your caravan and keep it secure. To see other products click here.