Wet Weather Caravanning: Be Prepared!

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It would be lovely if you always had sunny days ahead of you when you were getting ready to take your caravan on a trip. Driving in the sunshine and then settling into your campsite is a great feeling. Unfortunately, good weather isn’t always what you get, especially in the UK. In fact, sometimes the weather is downright terrible, and you have to learn to make the most of it. However, bad weather doesn’t have to ruin your trip. You can still enjoy yourself and survive through the downpour if you’re willing to try. Take a look at these ideas for weathering the weather.

Get the Proper Gear

When you’re in the car or caravan, you’ll be nice and dry. However, there will no doubt be times when you need to go outside into the rain or various other types of bad weather. Having the right bad weather gear will help you to survive and come back as dry as possible. Try looking at some heavy-duty or even industrial bad weather outerwear, like the range from Stormline. You can make sure that you stay dry, no matter what the weather is like or what you’re doing. It’s great to have waterproof gear for fishing, or other outdoor hobbies.

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Stay Warm in the Caravan

Caravanning in the winter can be fun, less busy, and even good for your caravan. When it’s cold outside, you definitely want to stay warm inside as much as you can. One essential thing to remember is that you will need to use propane LPG for your gas. Butane can’t be used at low temperatures, so it might not be suitable for your winter trip. Although you want to keep warm, don’t block any air vents. These are needed to prevent any gases from building up, which could be dangerous.

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Take a Porch Awning

A porch awning will come in handy when the weather is less than stellar. Firstly, it gives you somewhere to store your wet things when you come inside. Instead of having wet items drying off in the caravan, you can leave them in the awning until you next need them. A porch awning has another benefit, helping to reduce the heat that escapes when you go in and out of the caravan. You can have an awning carpet or a mat, which will give you somewhere to keep your muddy shoes and boots. A porch awning is great if you have pets, somewhere for them to dry off before coming inside.

Enjoy your Caravan Trip

Wet weather doesn’t have to stop you having fun on your caravanning trip. There’s still plenty to see and do, and you don’t have to sit inside the caravan all the time. Make sure you still get out and have fun, whether you go for a walk, visit a local attraction or meet up with some other caravanning enthusiasts. There’s not much point in sitting inside all day when there are other things that you could be doing instead.

Don’t let bad weather ruin your caravanning trip. Be prepared, and you can still do everything that you want to do.