Westfalia Bikelander: Tow Ball Mounted Bike Carrier

Westfalia Bikelander: Tow Ball Mounted Bike Carrier

Do you currently own pedal bikes or eBikes (if not check out our top tips) and are looking for a way to transport them? Are you are considering purchasing a new bike and are looking at ways to carry them? In this blog we will find out more about the tow ball mounted bike carrier from Westfalia.

How can I transport my pedal bike or eBike?

If you are wanting to take your bike further afield, to explore new trails, woodland or cycle routes, then the question is how do you get there. Pedal bikes are often too large for the boot of a car and eBikes can be heavier too.
There are a few options available to you. You could consider a roof mounted option to your car or SUV. If you are not very tall, or don’t have the strength to lift your bike this might not be so easy.
If you have a tow bar fitted to your vehicle then you should consider the Westfalia Bikelander Tow Ball Mounted Bike Carrier. The carrier mounts on to your tow ball, meaning the tow ball takes the weight of your bikes.

What is the Westfalia Bikelander?

Westfalia Bikelander: Tow Ball Mounted Bike Carrier

It is a compact and safe bike carrier that mounts on to the tow ball. The Bikelander folds out to carry two bikes and can be extended to carry three bikes. There is no assembly required and it comes complete with 13 pin electric to work the lights at the rear.
The Bikelander can be used on a motorhome tow bar too. If you are looking at a way to carry your bikes whilst touring this is an alternative to a wall mount.
The benefit of the Bikelander over other manufacturers is its high payload. It can take up to 60kg in total weight which means each bike can weigh up to 30kg. Even with a large eBike you won’t find many over 30kg. The carrier itself weighs 17kg which gives a maximum weight of 77kg if fully loaded. Most vehicles should be able to carry that on the tow ball based on their nose weight limit.
The Bikelander will take a wheelbase of up to 1300mm and a tyre width of 60mm. That should be adequate for even a large framed mountain bike.
When you are not using the carrier, it folds up in to a compact size so you can store it at home. There is an optional storage bag if you want to protect it from dust or dirt.

Can I still get in to my car boot?

Yes, the Bikelander tilts forward and allows you access in to your car boot. It might be you are wanting to get to your cycle helmets, or get your pet dog out to join you. Even when the Bikelander is loaded with your bikes, it will still fold down to allow free access to your boot.

Will my bikes be safe and secure?

The Bikelander cycle carrier, and all cycles, are locked individually with one key. This offers offers protection against theft. It is still be advisable to use your own bike lock to secure them to each other whilst using the carrier.
The Bikelander will be safe on the tow ball and should not become detached.
Witter-Westfalia are experienced tow bar manufacturers. A great deal of experience has gone in to designing a safe bike carrier. The Bikelander is compatible with most tow balls.
For peace of mind the Bikelander comes with a five year warranty too.

Where can I buy the Bikelander?

Westfalia Bikelander: Tow Ball Mounted Bike Carrier

You can buy the Bikelander online for Β£367 direct from Westfalia. There are a number of reviews online for this product too, if you want to see what owners think to it.

Our Opinion of the Bikelander

We have been using the Bikelander for two weeks to carry our eBikes. I must say, the price reflects the quality. We have a detachable Witter tow bar which it fixes to perfectly. The carrier takes the total weight of our eBikes, which is 40kg, and when we are not using it we can fold it away. With it being 13 pin electrics it connected straight up to ours with no need for an adaptor.
We needed a carrier as our car boot is taken up by Fudge, our large dog. Due to having a high SUV it wasn’t practicable to mount them on the roof. The tilt function on the carrier is great as we can still open the boot to get Fudge out. We would recommend this bike carrier, especially if you have eBikes as it is approved to take the weight of them. You would not be able to use this in conjunction with towing a caravan as it sits wholly on the tow ball.