Maypole Handheld 12v Analogue Air Compressor

Here we look at the Maypole Handheld 12v Analogue Air Compressor.

Every time we tow and move our caravan we do several checks, this includes the tyre pressure on the caravan and car. Under and over inflated tyres are dangerous and can lead to blow outs, poor handling and reduced fuel efficiency. 

We initially started out with a cheap foot pump but after a few uses the pump snapped and broke. We then purchased a 12v air compressor for a little bit more money but this broke on its first use when the analogue dial failed to operate.

After wasting much time buying pumps we decided to try a different product but spending a little more. Having been impressed with the two Maypole security products we reviewed and donated to the Tourerfest raffle, we decided to try the Maypole 12v Handheld Air Compressor (“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”). I found this for £19.99 on Amazon and liked the green drill like appearance, Jules also liked the look of it and so that is what we chose. When it arrived it was well boxed and had clear instructions on how to operate it.

We used it on the caravan and car and it quickly inflated the tyres on both to the correct psi. The Maypole compressor has an easy to read analogue dial and shows pressure in both psi and bar. It also has an LED light at the front to illuminate the tyre and valve when its dark, this also gives a handy indicator to show that the device is powered as some vehicles need the ignition on to power the 12v supply. The main body also holds adaptors which can be used to inflate bike tyres, balls and other such inflatables. 

The features of this air compressor are;

12v handheld analogue air compressor with LED light can maintain and monitor tyre pressure anywhere and anytime. It is essential for your safety and fuel efficiency. 

  • High speed inflation – 3.5 mins (0-36PSI/175/65/R14).
  • Large precision analogue display (PSI/Bar).
  • Super bright LED night light.
  • Practical handheld design.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Multiple adaptors included.
  • Quick release connector valve.
  • Max pressure range – 0-150PSI.
  • Compact hose and power cord storage – air hose -50cm, power cord – 3m.
  • Handy accessory holder – air bed adaptor, ball adaptor and tyre valve adaptor.
  • 12v DC power supply – plugs directly into cigar lighter socket.
  • Max amperage – 8A.
  • Max wattage – 100W.
  • Air flow rate – 12L/min.

We have been pleased with the product and for the price would happily recommend it to others for their caravan and motorhome kit.