The Ultimate Caravan Towing Checklist

Few things in life bring as much joy to your family as a holiday in the caravan. There’s something about camping in your caravan that’s so fun! The whole family comes closer together, and there are so many things to do around the campsite. 

It’s hard not to enjoy a caravan holiday…well…provided you get to the campsite in one piece. Many holidays are ruined before they’ve even begun, and it all stems from towing the caravan. You can easily make mistakes when towing, which will usually lead to a mixture of embarrassment and damage. So, to avoid camping nightmares, here’s a checklist of the key things to remember before you set off.

Here We Tow ; The Ultimate Caravan Towing Checklist
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Make sure your caravan is hitched properly

A frighteningly common mistake is not hitching up your caravan correctly. This means that the caravan isn’t connected to the towbar on the back of your car. It may look like they’re connected, but after a short while, things come loose, and the caravan is left behind. This is very dangerous as you could cause a serious accident. You need to be 100% certain that you’ve hitched your caravan correctly. The video below from Caravan Guard shows you some simple steps to follow:

Video Credit ;- Caravan Guard Insurance

Check the tyre pressure and torque

I’d like to assume that your car is already in a roadworthy condition, it should be serviced and MOT’d when required. Your caravan doesn’t always get the same amount of attention, so it’s easy for problems to materialise due to a lack of use.
Primarily, the wheels and tyres can be a problem area. Before every journey check the tyre pressure on your caravan. Make sure they’re correctly inflated and ready for the road. You should find your caravan tyre pressure on the weight plate or in the handbook. Follow your manufacturers guidance. Check the tyres for wear on the tyre tread and any cracks in the side wall of the tyre. Look at the wheels to make sure they aren’t damaged, as this can cause further issues. Companies like Just Wheel Repair offer mobile repair services where you can get your wheels sorted out from home before you set off.
You should invest in a calibrated torque wrench and check the wheel nuts every time you tow. The last thing you want if to lose a wheel on the M6, it could be potentially catastrophic. It’s worth checking your wheel and tyres as part of your towing routine every time. When all of that is sorted, you can set off with confidence. 

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Safely pack your caravan

Make sure you pack up the caravan and prepare it for the journey. Pack away anything that’s left out on surfaces as they will end up falling and causing damage inside while towing. It’s especially important to close or lock any cupboards as items can fall out and damage your caravan. If this happens, you’ll end up paying for repairs as it is unlikely caravan insurance covers this. Consider taking any plates and cups out of the caravan cupboard to reduce risk and lower your payload.

These three things need to be remembered before you set off on your next caravan holiday. Otherwise, you put your family and others at risk with a caravan that’s not fully prepared for the road. You don’t want to arrive on site and open the door to find a caravan full of broken belongings.