If you are new to Motorhoming then you may be thinking about accessories that you will need on your new adventure. It may be that you are changing from a Caravan to a Motorhome, or you could be a complete newcomer. In this blog we explore ten essential accessories to compliment your Motorhome.

Do I need any accessories?

Quite simply, yes! The initial cost of your Motorhome will have been a considerable outlay but it is worth setting aside some money for accessories. This blog covers ten essentials but in reality you could buy a whole lot more. You will require an electric hook up cable and gas bottle as essentials.

Top Ten Accessories

1. Motorhome Security

Sadly motorhome theft is common and your insurance company will generally expect a certain level of security features. An alarm and tracker is a wise investment but you can bolster this with additional visual deterrents. Maypole offer a good range of steering wheel locks and wheel clamps, many of which are tested to Sold Secure standards. Security products will cost from £15-£100 each depending on the product and can be bought online.

2. Levelling Ramps

When you arrive at your destination for the night it is important to level your motorhome. You can test how level you are with a small spirit level, either a physical one or an App. On your phone. We recommend you placed the spirit level on the floor of your Motorhome as worktops can be uneven.
Use this in conjunction with your levelling ramps. There are several makes available including Maypole, Milenco and Thule. These range from £17-£65 depending on height, size and weight capacity.

3. Pitch Reserved Sign

Some campsites, particularly Caravan and Motorhome Club sites, allow guests to choose their own pitch on arrival. On many occasions Motorhome owners have gone out for the day and returned to find someone else pitched up on their pitch. You can avoid this by placing a reserved sign on your pitch whilst you go out for the day in your Motorhome. They cost around £10 or you could make your own!

4. Hosepipe, Fresh and Waste Water

When you arrive on site you will need to fill your fresh water tank. Sites usually have service points where you can do this. You may require your own hose pipe to reach your tank filling point. If you are on a serviced pitch you may want to connect up a water pump, if you have an external pump fitted. It is certainly worth considering the Colapz Fresh Mini. It provides you a food grade hose and a water carrier for your pump on a serviced pitch.
When it comes to emptying your waste water then the Colapz Flexi Pipe Kit and adaptor is ideal on serviced pitches. Equally, when you cannot reach the campsite drain.

5. Toilet Chemicals and Cleaning Products

More so than ever we are using our onboard facilities, including our toilets, showers and washing up facilities. It is important to use the correct products to ensure the good working order of your Motorhome. Some campsites are on septic tanks too, it is important that your chemical products are environmentally friendly. For your toilet cassette 40Shot Toilet Cassette offers a good quality cost effective solution, and one we use and recommend.
When it comes to washing up, another tried and tested product is 40Shot Dish N Treat. Dish N Treat is a great washing up liquid but it cleans your waste tank too and prevents unwanted smells and grease build up.

6. Isabella Table and chairs

Once you’re set up it is time to sit down with a cold drink and relax. There is nothing like sitting out on a warm evening, dining outdoors and enjoying your time away. There are numerous tables and chairs on the market from Vango, Kampa, Outwell and others. Depending on your budget you will find something that suits you. If you want a quality product then Isabella have a range of outdoor chairs and foot rests. You can compliment these with a light weight table, ideal for keeping your payload down.

7. Microfibre Towels and Robes

When away in your Motorhome you still want the luxury of a soft and clean towel. We have used microfibre before and found the experience less than enjoyable. Many microfibre towels feel like wash leathers and seem to have a damp smell. There is one manufacturer that produces a fluffy and luxurious microfibre towel and that is BodyRag. Their towels are certainly a premium product and are popular in the marine and leisure market. We have one of their towels and can 100% recommend them for quality. You can accompany your towel with a robe if you like. We have two robes and use them after a shower. You can dry yourself on them in place of a towel if you like. You can get a 10% discount on the website with the code HWT10. These make ideal presents for Birthdays and Christmas!

8. Duvalay Bedding

You may have a fixed bed, a drop down bed or a make up bed. It doesn’t matter which your Motorhome has, you will need bedding. Duvalay are a popular choice when it comes to luxury bedding to ensure a good nights sleep. The original Duvalay sleeping bag offers a complete package of memory foam base, duvet and cover. You can add extras such as pillows and sheets too.

Duvalay sleeping bag ; TOP 10 MOTORHOME ACCESSORIES

9. Dining Sets

We have always used ceramic crockery in our caravan but have decided to change to bamboo for the Motorhome. There are a number of products available including melamine and plastic. It is worth remembering that you cannot use melamine or bamboo in a microwave. The benefit of these products over crockery are that they weigh less and are unlikely to become damaged whilst on the road.
You will need a cutlery set too, this can be a simple metal set or plastic, depending on payload and noise. Utensils such as tongs, scissors, can opener and spatula are all worth buying. You can get them in a great set all ready to go!

10. BBQ Time

Last but certainly not least, no trip away would be complete without a BBQ. There are so many to choose from and your choice will come down to your preferred fuel. This blog could be of use to you if you are considering which gas or charcoal BBQ to buy. You don’t have to spend a huge amount on a BBQ, a disposable tray one will do the job for an evening. Just remember to dispose of it carefully. We have a gas Cadac which has been very reliable over the last two years. If you fancy a real smokey BBQ taste then charcoal is the way to go. Both Weber and Cobb have durable and quality products you should consider.


The List Goes On…

Once you have been on a few trips out in your Motorhome you will find out what you are missing. It might be that you discover more accessories from talking to fellow owners. Many owners invest in silver screens for the windscreen and side windows. Others splash out on luxury purchases such as air-conditioning and self-levelling systems.
The main thing is you enjoy your Motorhome and get the most out of your time away!