The Best Cars You Can Buy According To The Miles You Drive – Small Electric Cars

The Best Cars You Can Buy According To The Miles You Drive – Small Electric Cars

There has been an avalanche of new technologies in the automotive industry. We have seen the arrival of cars powered by LPG, CNG, pure electric, hybrids, plug-in hybrids and micro-hybrids (Mild Hybrid). These are in addition to the traditional petrol and diesel we are familiar with.
With so much choice it can be confusing about which car should you buy.
In this blog we consider two small electric cars and compare them, according to the number of annual miles travelled.

The Best Cars You Can Buy According To The Miles You Drive - Small Electric Cars
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Electric: Less than 8,000 miles / year

The 100% electric technology is ideal for those who do less than 8,000 miles per year. The supply of these vehicles has increased in the last year, as well as their performance and autonomy. It is now possible to find cars on the market that exceed 500 kilometres of autonomy, with which many users are already considering the possibility of making long-distance trips. But there is still a lack of infrastructure, especially in the countryside, so it is necessary to plan the trip well. In addition, fast chargers are not cheap for home use. In recent times, a significant range of models with autonomies between 150 and 300 kilometres have reached the market, which are ideal for urban and interurban use, with a daily average that does not exceed 50 kilometres. Of course, it is essential to have a charging device in our home or in the workplace. In these circumstances, the cost per use can be 40% lower than that of a petrol vehicle. Although electric cars are still, for now, more expensive than combustion, demand is rising at a rapid rate. 

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is one of the best-selling electric cars in Europe and the UK. Priced from £27,000, it offers a good quality interior and more power and autonomy. Specifically, there are two engines available: 110 hp with a 41kWh battery, or 135 with a 52kWh battery. The latter offers up to 390 kilometres of autonomy in the WLTP cycle. It also incorporates a fast charging socket of up to 50kW, which allows recharging in just half an hour. In a home socket the time required is around nine hours, while a public socket of 11 kW requires around two hours. Then it’s time for driving

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Seat Mii Electric

The urban Mii is the first 100% electric model of Seat, a very sensible decision due to its small size. Its autonomy offers up to 259 kilometres, more than enough for daily trips, and a price from £19,600. It has an electric motor of 61kW, and mounts a 32.3 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery. Several recharging options are available, it can reach 80% of its capacity in just one hour (40 kW DC charge), or from a household socket in about 13 to 16 hours. This load can also be managed remotely through the Seat Connect system.

Both of these small electric cars could be ideal for touring with a motorhome, or supplementing a large tow car in your household fleet.

If electric isn’t something you are considering then you can always look at the stunning New Volkswagen T-Roc which is an incredibly sturdy car. The T-Roc offers a good choice of engines and specifications and best of all, you can tow with it!