Tour Our Way: New Logo and New Shop

Tour Our Way: New Logo and New Shop

Tour Our Way: New Logo and New Shop
New Shop

It is fair to say that last year brought about changes for many of us. On a personal lever it saw us say goodbye to our Adria Isonzo caravan. Our caravan purchase saw the start of Here We Tow, our YouTube channel and an amazing journey.
For two years we toured and towed our caravan around the UK and Europe. It gave us great freedom, a familiar base and safe accommodation.
In December 2019 we moved to the south west, and this was the beginning of a change in our lifestyle. The way we wanted to tour developed from how it had been. We found ourselves wanting the freedom to explore more and move from place to place.
In August 2020 we were lucky enough to be loaned a motorhome for three months. We used it to take short trips away in Devon, Dorset and Somerset. We tried pub stops and off gridding and really enjoyed the motorhome. From this experience we decided to move to a motorhome and placed an order. In October 2020 we ordered an Adria Compact Supreme DL from Cara Motorhomes and Caravans.

The New Logo

Many people asked us what we would call ourselves now we weren’t going to be towing. Others said we would always be Here We Tow and should keep the name. We spent a lot of time thinking about the name and its meaning. We both agreed that Here We Tow stood for everything we had achieved since starting the channel in 2017. It had seen us through some very difficult personal times and it had been with us through some great times. We decided to keep our name but that Tow would not just be about towing. Now it would represent β€œTour Our Way”, a great reflection of what we would be doing going forward.
Our logo was looking dated and was more symbolic of our caravanning than being inclusive of all leisure vehicles. Because of this we decided it would be a great time to rebrand and start 2021 with a fresh logo. We contacted Sam from Next Stop Everywhere, who is a designer, and asked him to help. Sam produced an amazing new logo for us and we were delighted with it. The logo represents a compass, road, mountains and a Google pin, everything you need to symbolise touring.
We will remain as Here We Tow: Tour Our Way!

Our New Shop

For some time, people have asked about t-shirts and mugs. Merchandise is something we have shied away from. With the launch of the new logo and focus of direction, we decided it would be a good time to set up a shop through our website. If people are interested in a t-shirt, mug or hoodie then the shop is there. We are pleased with the design we have created and shall be wearing our t-shirts when we are out and about later in the year.

These are our updates as we go forward in to 2021 and we cannot wait for the delivery of the motorhome.