Big Dog Walk: Join the Adventure!

Big Dog Walk: Join the Adventure!

Big Dog Walk: Join the Adventure!

This year has been difficult for humans and dogs alike. Dog charities have seen a drop in donations and this is never a good thing. You can help support three dog charities by taking part in the Big Dog Walk. You can enjoy spending time with you dog too. Why not join the Big Dog Walk?

What is the Big Dog Walk?

Big Dog Walk: Join the Adventure!

Starting in September, the Big Dog Walk is asking you to let your dog take the lead. Dog owners are being asked to join a virtual walk, and to register the distance you have walked with your dog. Over 2000 dog owners have already signed up and pledged their support. You can walk your favourite routes near home, head to the coast or find new trails. It doesn’t matter how far you walk with your dog as every mile counts.
All breeds and ages of dog are welcome to join in, from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane.

How do I sign up?

To join in this pawsome event you can sign up here. It does not cost you anything and you will receive an information pack about the Big Dog Walk.
Obviously, it would be great if you can support the charities the walk is supporting. The charities are The Dogs Trust, Street Vet and Mayhew and the links will be live from September to donate.

Are there any other walking events?

Yes, although the 2020 walks have been postponed, plenty are planned for 2021. You and your dog can join hundreds of others for a 2km, 5km or 10km walk. If you would like more information on these 2021 events then they can be found here. The walks are a fun family event and spread across the U.K, you could make a short holiday of it.

Ready, set, walk…

DoggyBag needed!

That is all there is to it. Get your dog on the lead, or even borrow a friend or family members dog. You can enjoy the fresh air and time with your pet whilst supporting the welfare of other pets. Not all dogs are as fortunate as ours and your donation will go along way.
Don’t forget to take your Colapz Dog Water bottle with you, especially if the weather is warm. Pets can become dehydrated, just like us, and they will appreciate a drink of fresh water. If the weather is a little wet then also think about a towel or get a DoggyBag here. (Use discount/coupon code HWT10 for 10% off DoggyBag purchases)
Enjoy your walking, sign up today for your pack and have a Big Dog Walk Adventure!