Top Tips When Selling Your Old Caravan

Source – CC0 License

You’ve had your caravan for years, and it’s served you very well. However, you believe it’s time to move on and upgrade to a new one. There’s no point having two caravans taking up space on your driveway, so you need to sell the old one. 

Most people think this is the same as selling a car, but there are some niche things that make it slightly different. With that in mind, here are a few top tips when selling an old caravan:

Sell it in the right place

Understandably, there are more places to sell a car than there are to sell a caravan. It’s much harder to find a dealership to sell at, and there are a few places online. You can sell independently – on sites like Gumtree or Facebook – but finding a legitimate online site might be your best bet. 

Do a quick Google search and you should find some options right away. Still, be sure to enquire and ask if the site accepts caravans. Many will say things like we buy any trailer, but they’re actually talking about semi-trailers for trucks, rather than a caravan trailer. So, be careful, and always ask if they can buy a caravan or not. 

Make it look as homely as possible

One of the big differences between selling a car and a caravan is that you need to make your caravan seem like a nice place to live. People won’t live there permanently, but they’ll be in it for a few days and nights on camping trips. Therefore, you need to make it look as homely as possible on the inside. 

A great trick is to remove as much of your belongings as you can, making the caravan look as spacious as possible. Obviously, cleaning the caravan is a must, so it looks as new as can be. Take plenty of pictures from all angles to really show off the interior, making it look like a lovely big caravan to camp in. 

Only offer collections

Lastly, you should only sell your caravan with the caveat that people have to come and collect it. Why should you tow your caravan many miles to the buyer? If they want it, they should come to you!

Mainly, this is necessary to avoid issues on the road. You might get into an accident or something could hit your caravan and leave it in a worse condition than advertised. As a result, the buyer could be annoyed and refuse the sale, meaning you’ve driven it there for absolutely no reason. Make sure everyone knows that they have to collect it from your home if they want to buy it. 

With these tips, you should find it easier to sell your old caravan. Now, you can focus on using the money to buy your new caravan. Opting for a newer model can be great as you get all the updated home comforts and technology, making your caravan a more enjoyable place to stay when you’re out camping.