Five Ways To Travel Like A Local

Five Ways To Travel Like A Local

One of the best ways to experience a country is to try and experience it like a local. Instead of going with a strict itinerary of museums, sites, and shopping to tick off your list, take your time and experience the real place. Find the locals’ hangouts to experience genuine food and experiences, wherever you are in the world. 
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Check Local Customs

Everywhere has different customs and things that are considered polite and impolite. Before you travel somewhere new, do some research first into what the local customs are, as part of planning your trip. For example, in some countries tipping is expected everywhere, whereas in other cultures tipping is considered rude. In some places, slurping your food is fine, in others it’s incredibly rude. Most people will forgive you for a faux pas, but if you want to live like a local, try and get it right. The internet is a great place to research the country, or county, you plan to visit.

Learn Some Key Phrases

You don’t have to be fluent in the language when you go to a new country, but if you can, try to learn some key phrases in the local language for politeness. Thinks like saying hello, please, thank you, asking for directions, and asking for the bill are all good things to be able to say to show that you’re trying. Even within the UK, you will encounter a local language in Wales and Scotland.
Local dialects and words for certain items can cause confusion too. A bread roll has many names across the UK, including bun, cobb, bap and barm.

Ask For Recommendations

Campsite wardens and managers will usually have a set of standard recommendations for places to go and places to eat. These places are often partnered with the campsites, so will usually be pretty touristy. Instead, ask them where they drink, eat, and hang out. By going where the staff go, you’re more likely to get an authentic experience.

If you ever hope to visit a place like Britain, it may be useful also finding out about fun and unique facts such as the history of Bonnie Prince Charlie or the history of their local dish, haggis. Knowing some local facts to discuss with people who meet may spark interesting conversations.
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Five Ways To Travel Like A Local - Here We Tow
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Dress Appropriately

Don’t try to dress like a local, especially if the country you’re visiting has a traditional dress. Wearing a traditional dress can easily become offensive, so don’t risk it. Instead, dress sensibly for where you’ll going and what you’re doing. Instead of trying to copy the local style, you should check whether there are any major no-nos. Make sure you dress for the weather too, whilst some places are very hot others can be very cold. Heading in to winter, Scandinavia certainly becomes cooler, offering great opportunities for snow holidays. 

Eat Local

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The best way to eat local foods is to visit markets and supermarkets. Markets are a great price to buy fresh produce, so you can try local fruits and other delicious things. Supermarkets are another good place to find local foods, especially if you want snack foods for your when you’re back on site. 
Local street food markets can be a cheap way to experience local delicacies. You can ask the locals for suggestions for the best places to get street food. Often, street food is more authentic than the food in tourist restaurants. 

The best way to get to know a new country is to try and experience some of the areas that only the locals know about. You can still see the sights but will come home with incredible memories that nobody else has. Don’t forget to get lots of photos and share your experience with other caravan and motorhome owners!