4 Practical Ways To Reduce Moisture In Your Caravan

The leisure vehicle industry is booming in the UK because caravanning is a popular pastime for many. According to the UKโ€™s National Caravan Council, 16,608 new motorhomes were registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing agency from July 2020 to June 2021. Maintaining your leisure vehicle is undoubtedly essential to its longevity. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent moisture buildup in your caravan since it can damage your vehicleโ€™s floors, furniture, cabinetry, and walls. Here are some tips to lower moisture buildup in your caravan.

  1. Invest in an electric dehumidifier

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A small electric dehumidifier can pull moisture out of the air in your caravan or motorhome and reduce condensation. Consequently, consider purchasing an electric dehumidifier as an easy solution to prevent all the issues associated with moisture damage in caravans. Many dehumidifiers are available on the market, but it is always best to select a small one specifically designed for homes because standard dehumidifiers will be too large for the average caravan. However, remember to frequently empty your dehumidifier’s moisture tank to keep it running well. In addition, this appliance will typically require a lot of energy to run, so ensure that you have the power necessary to keep it going.

  1. Check your vehicle for leaks

Minor or major leaks into your campervan, caravan, or motorhomeโ€™s mainframe joints can cause irreparable damage. Therefore, spend enough time checking the joints for any damage. In addition, check your seals for signs of fatigue and degeneration. Many leaks in caravans and motorhomes are around the windows, so this area should be your highest priority. You can use a great product like Sika 512 Sealant to block any leaks you find, ensuring that your vehicle remains 100% watertight to prevent any costly repairs in the long run.ย 

  1. Never dry laundry inside

Hanging things to dry inside your caravan might be convenient, but it comes at a great cost. Wet laundry causes a lot of condensation inside your vehicle, leading to dampness and mould that can be detrimental to your health. Therefore, always hang your laundry outside to dry if you can. If you stay at any of the 5,978 campsites in the UK that accept caravans, you can use their laundrette facilities and access clotheslines to hang your laundry.

  1. Open a window

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Opening your windows is a straightforward solution to reduce moisture levels in your caravan, so keep this in mind. Open windows allow fresh air with less water vapour to enter your caravan, reducing humidity and condensation levels. However, pick the right moments to unlock your windows, as it may not be the best choice to open them when it is raining or freezing. Also, it would be best to always open your vent or window when you are cooking. The heat from cooking involves a lot of steam which contains moisture. Therefore, opening your windows is a great way to stop damp and moisture from building up in your vehicle’s interior and causing any damage.