5 Reasons To Choose A Motorhome Over A Caravan

5 Reasons To Choose A Motorhome Over A Caravan

For people who love to spend time outdoors camping, motorhomes, or caravans present them the opportunity to enjoy some form of home comforts. For some time there has been a debate concerning which of the these is the better option. Here are five reasons why you should consider a motorhome over a caravan.


Here We Tow - 5 Reasons To Choose A Motorhome Over A Caravan
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After a long and tiring drive to the campsite, you can just park up on your pitch on a fantastic campsite or touring park. On the other hand, with a caravan, it takes some skill and patience to pitch it in the desired spot. Then you will need to unhitch the caravan, legs down and levelling, connect the electric hook up, and seek out a water tap. Pitching up is certainly much easier, but there is always a compromise. It is fair to say that having your car available makes leaving site easier. This is probably why so many motorhomes still take a small car with them when touring. If you need to quickly get a few groceries from the nearest store, it’s certainly much more convenient to have a small vehicle such as VW used cars from a second-hand car dealer.

Easy driving

Driving a motorhome is as easy as driving any regular van, an automatic gearbox will make it much easier too. Most motorhomes are built on a Fiat, Mercedes or Ford. Depending on the size of motorhome, country lanes and narrow roads shouldn’t be much of a problem.
Driving with a caravan in tow can be a more challenging experience, especially your first few times. You will also have reduced visibility around and will have to consider the extra length when towing a caravan. You must account for the extra length when negotiating roundabouts and tight bends. If you buy an 8ft wide caravan then those narrow lanes will not be your friend.

Initial cost

Though caravans are cheaper to buy than motorhomes, you have to consider the extra cost of the car to tow it. If you own a small vehicle, it may not be able to tow a caravan. In this case, you may need to rent or buy a more powerful car that will be capable of towing the caravan. If you can tow the caravan with your current car, it will put a lot of strain on it and may affect its resale value. When you compare the overall costs of purchasing a motorhome with a caravan, you will notice that the difference is not much. Motorhomes have a better resale value than caravans, and some people choose to rent out when not in use. This might generate some income but consider damage that may be caused to your pride and joy.


As stated in the point above, motorhomes experience a far lesser depreciation than a caravan. Arguably, a 20-year-old motorhome has a higher resale value than that of a 20-year-old caravan. A motorhome can be used for decades and still be resold at a good price to offset the cost of an upgraded one. On the other hand, after you have used a caravan for ten years, you will have to spend the same price or more to get a new one. A motorhome will hold its value due to demand, but you must maintain and service it to maintain its condition.


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Touring in a motorhome makes it much easier to move around from one campsite to the next. More people are beginning to use motorhomes for their hobbies, such as cycling, fishing, motor-racing and traveling across countries. Caravans cannot just match the versatility of motorhomes in this regard. A motorhome makes a great mobile home office for those that work remotely and can travel at the same time.

If you are wondering which choice to make, these reasons should be considered when thinking caravan or motorhome.