What Do You Buy Someone Who’s Mad About Cars And Caravans?

What Do You Buy Someone Who’s Mad About Cars And Caravans?

Buying gifts for people can often be trying at the best of times. The task at hand is often more difficult when you’re buying for someone in your life that is an unashamed automotive enthusiast!
You’ve visited this blog because you want to buy your significant other, or someone else close to you, a special gift. The thing is, what can you buy someone that’s both mad about cars and caravans?

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6 Top Gift Ideas

The last thing you want to do is give a gift that’s tasteless or shows you’ve put no thought into it. Thankfully you’ve come across this page today because here are some gift examples for someone mad about caravans to give you the right inspiration for completing your mission:

1. Racing Car Phone Case

If you know the person you’re buying a gift for has more than a passing interest in F1 racing, how about choosing an example from a selection of tasteful F1 phone cases? Actually, such cases look amazing, even if you’re not an F1 fan!
Aside from being aesthetically-pleasing, a racing car phone case will protect the smartphone in question.

2. Caravan Motor Mover

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving a caravan outside your home or at a caravan site. The car and caravanning connoisseur in your life will tell you how tricky it is to manoeuvre caravans. This is especially true if access to your pitch is tight or your drive is a tricky shape. The most difficult manoeuvring can often be found in Europe, as we discovered in Sweden.

One of the best gifts you could buy is a caravan motor mover. It’s an electronic aid, powered through your 12v battery, and is fitted to the underside of your caravan. Once engaged, the motor mover turn the wheels for you. Simply unhitch your caravan from the car, engage the mover and operate it with a remote control. Once activated, the motor can move the entire caravan in any direction without needing a tow from a vehicle. A motor mover is certainly a must have luxury accessory as far as we are concerned.

3. Super-Bright LED Torch

The great thing about holidaying in your caravan is that all you need is a suitable pitch on a campsite. Many sites are poorly lit on a night and a trip to the shower block can turn into quite an adventure.

Trying to find your caravan in the dark can be an experience in itself. The person you’re buying a gift for will no doubt recall countless times where it’s been hard to safely walk back to their caravan in the dead of night!
One gift idea they will be grateful for is a super-bright LED torch. A worthwhile purchase might be one that boasts 3,500 lumens. In comparison, an 11-watt household bulb puts out around 600 lumens. You certainly won’t get lost with this torch. A good suggestion is a head torch, at least it keeps your hands free for those caravan jobs, such as emptying the toilet cassette at night. A torch will come is useful on the final dog walk of the day, when you can guarantee your pet will find the darkest spot on the site to do a poop.

A torch is an essential in winter if you arrive at a site in the evening. Trying to wind down the steadies and put your security on in the dark in never much fun. A head torch is a must in this situation!

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4. Portable Barbecue

Last but not least, have you considered a premium-quality portable barbecue as a gift idea? When they go touring in their caravan, it’s likely the person in your life will want to cook their own food outdoors. That is all part of the caravan lifestyle, a cooked breakfast, grilled lunch or sizzling supper.
You might not know, but you can get portable gas-powered barbecues that are well-made and can easily stow away inside caravans when they’re not in use. They’re available in various sizes, so you can take into consideration whether they cook solo or for everyone! The best place to look online for inspiration is Towsure and Go Outdoors.
If their caravan has an external gas point then there are several popular choices including Cadac, Weber and Cobb. These can be connected directly to the caravan gas system for anytime cooking.

5. Microfibre Towel

Payload is a popular topic for caravanners and keeping it down is a must. Even if you are just away for a weekend, the likelihood is you will want a shower. Having tried several microfibre towels we have found one we would absolutely recommend- Bodyrag.
Their lightweight microfibre towels are the highest quality and the great thing is they don’t smell damp after use. If you have ever used a microfibre towel you will know what we mean. They are available in several colours and sizes and can be complimented with microfibre bathrobes too.

6. Colapz Flexi Pipes

A gift idea list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the Colapz Flexi Pipes. If the person you are buying for likes the luxury of a serviced pitch then they need these. With the Flexi Pipes there is no more carrying abound metres of pipe for waste water. The Flexi Pipes concertina into short lengths and are stored in a compact bag. They even come with a brush for cleaning after each use.
There are plenty of gift ideas, too many to mention, but these may give you some inspiration.