Ford Ranger Wildtrak

For the past week we have been testing out a pick up truck that many of our followers asked for, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak.

We were excited to take delivery of this sabre orange, double cab tow vehicle.This 2019 model Wildtrak came in the new 2.0 litre bi turbo diesel engine, delivering 213ps and a 0-62mph time of 9 seconds. The kerb weight of the Ford is a hefty 2246kg which provides an ample weight against any caravan and with a towing limit of up to 3500kg. The Ford has a payload of just over a tonne, giving plenty of allowance for the family, bicycles and an awning.

The Wildtrak is fitted with a fixed tow bar and has a nose-weight limit of up to 225kg, well beyond what we needed with our Adria. 

We were very impressed with the exterior design of the Wildtrak, the painted front grill and bi-xenon headlights set the front off nicely. The Wildtrack comes with huge side steps, not just there for decoration but practicality. The Wildtrack has front and rear parking sensors and a rear view camera that works well, giving a view of the tow ball which is just what you need when reversing to hitch up.

The interior is certainly no let down with black leather and orange stitching to complement the sabre orange paint. There’s a good level of equipment too, heated seats and windscreens, electric mirrors, satellite navigation, air conditioning, keyless entry, cruise control, lane keeping aid and collision mitigation aid.

After a good look around it was time to take a drive, the bi turbo engine had a lovely rumble to it and jumped into action when the accelerator was depressed. The 2.0 litre engine had plenty to give and the Wildtrak is not lacking power. The ride was bouncy, as expected with a leaf sprung pick up, designed for load carrying. We found our 38kg awning over the rear suspension calmed things down but be prepared if you want to use this as a family car. On the motorways the Wildtrak was a nice drive,the leather seats provided a good level of comfort, and the satellite navigation worked very well and the 8 inch display was easy to follow. We found we averaged 30mpg with an empty vehicle and were disappointed with this return.After a trip out it was time to hitch up the caravan and see how this performed when towing. The rear view camera was excellent and once the 13 pin electrics were connected the rear sensors disengaged. We towed off, towing mirrors fitted, and started on a local B road. The Wildtrack was a good size and weight for the Adria and it made it easy to gauge the width of the caravan on narrow roads. One thing became apparent though, the leaf springs were bouncy, very bouncy, and the ride along the smaller roads was not what we had expected. We headed to the A1 and were soon towing on the larger roads, the Ford performed well on the faster straight road and the brakes worked smoothly on the approach to roundabouts. About 26 mpg was achieved when towing, this will depend on the weight of your own caravan.

Once the tow was over we looked back on our experience with the Wildtrak, the exterior was a winner, so to was the interior and the equipment. But, and there is a but, the towing experience was a disappointment, maybe this pick up is best left for more commercial purposes, the bounce was just too much. That said, Jules loved the Wildtrak and enjoyed the every day ride, the space in the cab and the load area, and the gadgets. 

At £38,000 for the model we tested it offers a more than capable vehicle with a good level of equipment and it gets a thumbs up from Jules.

Click HERE to watch our YouTube review.