New Land Rover Defender 2021

New Land Rover Defender 2021.

The iconic Land Rover Defender was first brought to life in December 1948. It remained relatively unchanged until the end of production in January 2016. During its lifetime, the Defender amassed a huge following across the globe. This year, 2020, saw the launch of the completely new and re-designed Defender. The question is though, will it win over the hardcore Defender enthusiasts?
In this blog we share our experience after having a demonstrator to review for a day.

Here we Tow - New Land Rover Defender 2021
Front of New Defender

What do I need to know about the new Defender?

The new Defender is making its way in to dealerships across the country. Land Rover have released the passenger variants of the 90 and 110 first. The hard top 90 and 110 are available to order now but haven’t arrived in dealerships yet.
For 2021 there are four models, each has its own specification level, from Defender at £42,950 to Defender X at £79,260. The price can be even higher once options and accessories are selected.
All Defenders are AWD and come with an automatic gearbox as standard.

The Defender sits on Land Rover’s D7x platform, with ‘x’ standing for extreme. Land Rover says it is the stiffest body structure it has produced. Although it is a reworked version of the firm’s existing modular architecture, it is described as being 95% new. The aluminium structure has been designed to accept electrified, but not fully electric, powertrains. 

What are the engine choices available to me?

The Land Rover Defender is available to order in three diesel engine choices and one petrol.

The diesel options are;

D200 MHEV which offers a 3.0 litre diesel engine with 200hp and 0-60mph in 9.5 seconds.

D250 MHEV which offers a 3.0 litre diesel engine with 250hp and 0-60mph in 7.9 seconds.

D300 MHEV which offers a 3.0 litre diesel engine with 300hp and 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds.

P300 turbo charged petrol which offers a 2.0 litre petrol engine with 300hp and 0-60mph in 7 seconds.

Here we Tow - New Land Rover Defender 2021 Salop visit
Salop Leisure and Hatfileds partnership

What are the features of the new Land Rover Defender?

The new Defender retains some of the charm of the previous Defender, but it has been launched in to 2020 packed with features.

The Defender offers the Pivi Pro media centre and screen. This is displayed on a ten inch touch screen, set forward of the dashboard and run on its own battery for a speedier response. Most of the vehicles features can be controlled through this. This includes the navigation system, radio and music, depth wading and off-road assistance.

The Defender provides 360 degree cameras, ideal in town centres or for parking. These assist when reversing to hitch up a trailer or caravan too.

To find out more about all the on-board features watch our review of the New Land Rover Defender 110 here.

Our YouTube review

How well does the Land Rover tow?

As you would expect, the Defender is a phenomenal tow car. With a kerb weight of just over 2.4 tonnes and a maximum towing capacity of 3500kg, or 3.5 tonnes, it will tow almost anything you want.
The Defender offers three types of tow bar, depending on your requirements. The maximum nose weight is 250kg or around 170kg on the deployable tow bar. This will exceed the limit of most other vehicles you may be considering.
The deployable tow bar is a good choice, with 13 pin electrics and an eyelet for the breakaway cable.
The vehicle has tow assist as standard, which helps line the carts the tow ball. The tow pack is an available option and will assist in steering the vehicle for you when manoeuvring at slow speed with a caravan or trailer.
The Defender is an exceptional tow car, with its air suspension the ride is smooth yet firm. The D200 will provide the power you need but the D250 is probably the engine to choose if you tow regularly.

Is it still good off-road?

Yes! The Land Rover Defender still remains a genuine off-road vehicle, despite its softer appearance and electronics.
The Defender has AWD, hill descent, low box and a wading depth of 90cm. On-board the Pivi Pro offers a depth wading sensor, to alert you when the water is too deep. It has a low traction launch for particularly difficult terrain and several other features to assist when off-roading. You can add an optional winch pack if you intend to use the Defender for serious off-roading. This will cost you an eye-watering £5000 though!

New Land Rover Defender 2021 – Should I buy one?

Here we Tow - New Land Rover Defender 2021 Hatfields.
Hatfields Jaguar / Land Rover New Showroom

Only you can answer that question, but from our test and review it is a very good vehicle indeed. The lower end Defender S D250 would probably offer what most buyers would need and would cost around £49,000. With plenty of equipment even at this level it would certainly be on our shortlist.

If you want to test drive a Defender yourself contact Hatfields Land Rover, or your local dealership, and see what you think. If your interested in any other tow vehicle reviews then check out other vehicles we have reviewed here.