Top 5 Budget Motorhomes 2021

Top 5 Budget Motorhomes 2021

As many of us look towards holidaying within the UK in the coming years, a boom in demand for motorhomes is expected. It might be you have been considering a motorhome for some time, or you might be completely new to motorhomes. As you begin searching a motorhome one thing will become clear, they are not cheap.
In this blog we will look at five of the most budget friendly motorhome ranges you can buy new. All these motorhomes are 3500kg (GVM/MTPLM), or under, and can be driven on a standard driving licence with a B category.

Auto-Trail F-Line

The F-Line range offers five coachbuilt motorhomes with two and four berth on offer. Prices start at £46,755 for the F60 and go up to £48,285 for the F74.
The F-Line is built on the new EcoBlue Ford Transit camper specific chassis, with a 130bhp engine size as standard. There are several cab colour choices available so you can personalise your choice.
The Auto-Trail F-Line features four highly specified coachbuilt motorhomes ranging from 5.99m to 7.34m in length. Sporting a sleek and aerodynamic low profile, each new motorhome incorporates a panoramic roof skylight and optional half dinette and electric drop down double bed.
The motorhome payloads vary between 500-600kg and storage is found under the sofas and beds. The Auto-Trail misses out on garage storage which can be important for some. The F-Line offers a good level of equipment and a generous options list. Adding options will increase the price, but as an entry level motorhome it is a sound choice.

here we tow - Top 5 Budget Motorhomes 2021
Image Credit – Auto-Trail

Swift Edge

The Swift Edge offers five layouts, this includes the new bunk bed layout for 2021. The Edge comes in length between 6.75m and 7.32m and payloads are between 524kg to 596kg.
The entry level Edge is an ideal first motorhome, primarily designed with family life in mind. The Edge aims to inspire a new generation of life’s adventurers. It offers an excellent level of standard equipment and prices start at £49,420 for the four berth fixed bed 464 model.

here we tow - swift edge
Image Credit – Swift Group

The Edge provides a full range of layout choices, with longitude beds, a fixed bed, an island bed and the family bunk bed layout. This model is priced at £51,665, the most expensive in the range.

here we tow - swift edge interior
Image Credit – Swift Group

The equipment levels of the Edge are very good as standard. Further enhancements can be made with the addition of options, including the Black Edition upgrade. Storage in the Edge is found under the beds and sofas.

Top 5 Budget Motorhomes 2021 - here we tow ideas
Image Credit – Swift Group

Elddis Compass Avantgarde

Elddis offer a good range of entry level motorhomes, with the Compass Avantgarde and Elddis Autoquest. These two ranges mirror each other but in this blog we will look at the Compass Avantgarde. The Avantgarde offers a choice of six layouts, varying from two to six berths. Prices start at £42,169 and go up to £49,219 for the six berth model.
The range starts with the 115, a two berth model based on a Peugeot chassis. This motorhome is a compact 5.7m in length and has a huge payload of 753kg. The 115 has Whale air blown heating and offers an adequate level of equipment as standard.

Top 5 Budget Motorhomes 2021 - here we tow
Image Credit – Elddis

The range includes several layouts, including the 194 with longitude beds with garage storage underneath. This 7.3m long motorhome has a generous payload of 570kg.

here we tow - Elddis Compass Avantgarde
Image Credit – Elddis

Sunlight Standard Edition Range

The Sunlight standard edition ranges are much more than entry level motorhomes. Prices start at £45,589 and there are eight low profile models available. The layouts on offer cover fixed beds, island and longitude beds. Sunlight motorhomes are made in Germany and offer high quality as standard.

The models start at 5.95m in length with the fixed bed T58 and go up to the range topping T69. This model comes in three versions and is 7.4m in length and costs £50,599.

here we tow - Sunlight Standard Edition Range
Image Credit – Sunlight
Sunlight Standard Edition Range - here we tow
Image Credit – Sunlight

The Sunlight range is worth considering for its storage, build and striking looks. Payloads range from 747kg to 524kg and equipment levels are good across the models.

Carado Clever Edition

here we tow - carado
Image Credit – Carado

German manufacturer Carado is part of the larger Erwin Hymer Group. They produce a range of budget friendly, well built and well equipped motorhomes. The Clever Edition, based on the Fiat Ducato, offers four semi-integrated models of two to five berths.
Prices start at £46,429 for the two berth T135. This model offers a fixed bed and is sub 6m in length. Prices reach £52,239 for the range topping T459 island bed model, which is 7.4m in length.

here we tow carado
Image Credit – Carado

There are several other good entry level choices on the market from Bailey of Bristol, Roller Team and Chausson.

If a motorhome isnt for you then we recommend you check out Custom Vanz. They offer a quality VW conversions and are based in Bristol. Their Raceline conversions will certainly set you apart from the crowd!
This blog should have provided you with a good place to start your search for an entry level motorhome. Don’t forget to budget other costs in to your purchase too, such as insurance, servicing, storage and accessories.