New Adria Caravans 2021: Chic and Sleek

New Adria Caravans 2021: Chic and Sleek

On the 20th July 2021, Adria UK launched the 2021 season range of caravans to the press. It was the first manufacturer in the UK to give an idea of what is to come as we head in to the new season. Having been invited to the launch we can give you an insight in to the exciting changes Adria have made to their caravan range.

New look Adria Adora 2021

Why choose Adria?

Adria are a Slovenian brand who have been building and designing caravans for over fifty years. All their leisure vehicles are manufactured in their purpose built production facility in Slovenia. It is he most advanced facility in the industry. Adria leisure vehicles have a reputation for quality, reliability and durability. Having owned an Adria for two years we would agree with this.
Adria have been winning awards in Europe and the UK for years, a reflection of the owner experience and modern design.
Despite being a premium brand, Adria leisure vehicles are well priced when compared to competitors. Their build quality is second to none.

What is new for 2021?

Adria Adora – Mid Range

Adria go in to 2021 with a completely redesigned caravan in the shape of the new Adora range. Their best-selling caravan range has been completely re-designed and upgraded for the new season, signalling a strong future for the brand. Adria has taken the best-selling caravan model and taken it to the next level, with all new generation design, inside and out. With the new Adora, Adria took what they learnt from the new Astella and created an outstanding new caravan. Adria have improved the comfort, practicality, technology and performance of the Adora. It boasts the largest in-line panoramic window available and is the most aerodynamic caravan in the industry.

Adria took the previous Adora signature features, such as the extra-large panoramic window, and improved them. They have added new wind-diffusers, which help towing and lower fuel consumption. The rear end has been re-designed with futuristic Hella LED taillights. Both the front and rear now have an unrivalled futuristic appearance. The silver front and sides remain for 2021 and they are complemented by new blue solid decals.
Inside the Adora brings contemporary living spaces and a home-style feeling. Adria added inspired new solutions including details in the new kitchen and bathroom. Alde wet central heating is fitted as standard along with the highest levels of insulation.
You can now have Adria smart application – Adria MACH, for an easier way of life. With the added option of the MACH you can control several features fro your smart phone. The application will provide you with the owners manual for your leisure vehicle. It will provide practical information such as locations of dealerships, campsites and maps.

New look Adria Adora 2021 - interior

The new interior is more welcoming than before, which was often criticised for its clinical feel. Adria’s practicality comes before fluffy cushions and that is what owners love about the brand.
The new kitchen has a dark grey worktop, the bathroom has a new style sink and the cabinets see a whole new colour and style change. The Adora offers four layouts for season 2021. The line up continues with the 8ft wide island bed Isonzo, 7ft 6 wide twin bed Seine and the twin axle 8ft wide Sava. The Sava is now available in 5 berth or optional 6 berth for 2021. A new model brings an extra central bed layout in the form of the 8ft wide Tiber, which is in development and will be launched later in the season. The Tiber will have the layout of the Altea Dart, the best selling layout in that range.

New look Adria Adora 2021 - Front

Prices will be around £25,000 for the 2021 season. This makes the Adora excellent value when pitched against potential rivals. The Bailey Alicanto, Coachman Xcel and Elddis Buccaneer are all £5-10K more in comparison.

The best new improvements we discovered on the Adora were;
-Evopore ® mattresses for extra comfort
-Adria MACH for control, manuals and navigation
-New media system including bluetooth, hidden speakers and a subwoofer
-New interior LED lighting and USB chargers

New look Adria Adora 2021 - Sava Interior

Alpina – The Ultimate All-Season Caravan

Adria’s premium caravan range, for all year-round use, benefits from some slight updates. The exterior receives new blue solid decals, to bring Adria brand consistency across the whole caravan range. There are improvements to the ergo bathroom and water installations. The Alpina is a best-seller with its combination of eye-catching design, large panoramic window, contemporary spacious interiors, high specifications and new soft furnishings. The Alpina is available with Adria MACH smart control app as an option, new for 2021.
The two 4 berth layouts, the Colorado and Mississippi, do not receive the new exterior changes of the Adora range for 2021. These are likely to come for 2022.

Action – Love The New Original

The Action is the original iconic, light-weight and stylish caravan for active holidays. It is fifteen years since it was introduced and it is as popular as ever. For 2021 the Action will be updated with new graphics. The current blue front bumper and sides will be updated with a dark grey colour change. The Action is a caravan which always puts a smile on your face and delivers on space, features and comfort. It has a contemporary interior with smart kitchen, ergo bathroom and comfortable sleeping. There will be a new adaptation of the rear wall for bicycle rack, for those that like a two wheeled adventure. The Action will be available in one 2 berth layout, the 361 LT.

Altea – A Light, Bright, Fun Caravan

New look Adria Altea 2021

The Altea range was re-modelled for 2020 and has seen strong sales. This is the entry level Adria caravan, but based on the build quality and fixtures there is nothing entry level about it. With prices starting at around £19,000 it offers four layouts, all with air blown heating. The Altea is a comfortable, practical caravan for a lighter, brighter and a more fun experience. The 2021 model has been updated with the new graphics to bring it on-brand with the Adora and Alpina.
The contemporary interior offers practical layouts, innovative features, improved lighting and storage, better comfort and more practicality.

New look Adria Altea 2021 - Interior

The good news is Adria have toned down the previous indigo blue furnishings in the lounge for a dark blue. New curtains have been introduced to complement this new fabric colour and it does work very well. The Altea is available in the existing layouts, the Aire, Tyne, Avon and Dart offering from 2 – 6 berths.

When are they available?

All Adria dealers have seen the new models and are ready to take orders for the 2021 season. If you want to see one in the flesh then this should be possible from September. Although there is no NEC Show in October, dealerships will be hosting their own mini-shows on site. Adria will be supporting these “roadshows” and the new models will be available in dealerships as we head in to autumn. Adria have been the first to release new 2021 product and are excited about the season ahead. Will the new “staycation” see demand grow? Only time will tell, but the new Adora brings some inspirational changes and the most futuristic looking caravan available.