Our Duvalay mattress experience.

Our Duvalay mattress experience.

Back in Summer 2018 we discovered our only problem with the Adria thus far and that was the foam mattress that it was supplied with. In a matter of three months the side Jules slept on had become so sunken there was a permanent dip in the foam. The dip was so bad that Jules found it difficult to roll out of the crater. It was evident the quality of the foam was not good and under the weight of a large man it had been no match. Due to this we made a short vlog and asked Duvalay if they could assist with their products.

Duvalay specialise in memory foam and sprung mattresses for leisure vehicles, they are based in West Yorkshire, and are known for their high quality products.


In October 2018 we attended the Caravan and Motorhome Show at the NEC and were keen to visit their stand to see the products for ourselves. We spoke to Liz Colleran, the Sales and Marketing Director, and put to her our problem. Liz listened and took time to show us the most suitable product for us, this was the Jupiter sprung mattress, a product that is usually used in Swift mobile homes. Although the sprung is heavier than foam, so this must be considered in your payload, it is still a light weight mattress and as many lower quality foam mattresses are quite heavy the difference is marginal in reality.

Duvalay offer a number of memory foam mattresses too so there is certainly something for everyone.

We ordered our mattress and soon received an email with a drawing confirming the size of our mattress, specific to our caravan make and model. Production began and we waited excitedly for the Jupiter sprung mattress. About four weeks later we were informed it was ready and we opted to collect the mattress in person so we could also take a look around their Duvalay showroom and the factory itself.

We called in at Duvalay just in to the New Year and were very pleased with the look, feel and finish of the Jupiter. We loaded it in to the back of our Rexton and headed home, we were now keen to get away for our first trip in February and test it out.

On Tuesday 5th February we headed down to Dorset to collect the Adria and pitch up for a week at Brighton Caravan and Motorhome Club site.

Jules lifted the Jupiter from the Rexton and carried it in to the Adria with little effort. He removed the Adria foam mattress from the bed, its meteor sized crate clearly visible, this thing was only fit for Fudge to sleep on now. Whilst Jules took the old mattress away to dispose of, I made up the new bed and looked forward to bedtime.

We had also picked up two memory foam pillows whilst at the showroom and they were very good quality.

At about 9pm, after a long day travelling from Yorkshire and then a further tow to Wareham, we clambered in to our new bed. It was comfy, it was supportive, it was superb. We drifted off and spent a very sound night fast asleep. The next morning we were up early as always, I was pleased that I had woken up without a stiff back, which happens a lot with my bad back. We spent a second comfy night on the Duvalay Jupiter and firmly agreed the sprung mattress was much better for us and was not going to become a victim to Jules and his weight.

In conclusion the Duvalay mattress is very good and worth the outlay if you are not satisfied with your caravan or motorhome mattress. We are delighted with the quality and comfort of the Jupiter. They have a good website where all their products can be found. The many reviews Duvalay have across the internet speaks volumes about their products. The cost of the sprung mattress in a double is £426 but Duvalay do offer show discounts and they will have a stand at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show at the NEC from the 19th-24th February 2019. I am advised there will be at 15% discount on the mattresses and free delivery, which will save an extra £25.

We would recommend the Duvalay Jupiter mattress without hesitation. If you would like to keep up to date with what we are up to head over to our Homepage to see our upcoming events.