Motorhoming with Dogs: 5 Top Tips

Motorhoming with Dogs: 5 Top Tips

You may already have a dog or be considering bringing a dog in to your life. We all know how much enjoyment a dog can bring to a household, but how does a dog fit in with motorhoming. In this blog we will look at some top tips for motorhoming with a dog, or dogs.

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Why would I go motorhoming with my dog?

Well, why not? For those of us who own a dog, leaving them behind when we go on holiday is never nice. I am sure your dog would prefer to go on holiday too, instead of going to kennels. With a motorhome you can take your dog, or dogs, with you. You can still go abroad if you like, all you need is a pet passport and youโ€™re off.

It is worth making sure your dog is suitably insured too. Vets bills in the UK are high but in Europe they can be even more costly. Pet insurance is invaluable if your dog is injured or becomes unwell.
Dogs usually settle into motorhome life, they can have their creature comforts with them including their bed, food bowls and toys.
Most touring and campsites welcome dogs, some sites have no limit whilst others may stipulate a maximum per pitch. The same goes for charges, some sites do not charge extra for dogs, whilst others do. Many sites will offer a dog walk or exercise area. It is possible to find sites that have dog wash areas and dog agility courses.

What do I need to consider when motorhoming with my dog?

1. Size and Space

The most important thing to consider is the size of your dog. A large dog will take up more space, and space is often at a premium in a motorhome.
Where will your dog be sleeping? If you dog remains on the floor then make sure you have the space to move around them, especially on a wet day when you are sat inside. If you allow your dog on the furniture, will there still be enough space for you to relax on the seat too.
Some people, especially with large breed dogs, use the motorhome garage to accommodate their dog. There is nothing wrong with this at all, the garage space can be heated and illuminated. Many German motorhomes have adapted garages for dogs. These are displayed at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon.

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2. Securing your Dog

Your dog must be suitably restrained whilst in a motor vehicle and that includes a motorhome. Whilst there is no specific offence, you may be committing an offence of Careless and Inconsiderate Driving if your dog is not restrained.
The best way to restrain your dog inside the motorhome is with a harness. This clips in to a seatbelt and ensures they are restrained in case of collision. It stops your dog climbing around the motorhome, causing a distraction or danger to the driver.
If you use a crate in your car then you could use this in the garage of your motorhome. Many garages have securing points in the garage floor. The best method for your dog is the one they are most comfortable with.

3. Remember the Rules

Once on site remember the rules around your dog. Most sites will require your dog to be on a lead at all times. They will ask you pick up after your pet and dispose of poop in the bin.
You should not leave your dog unattended in your motorhome whilst you go out. Your motorhome may become very hot in warm weather, this can be dangerous for dogs. Your dog may bark when left alone and this will disturb other people who are pitched up around you.
Some people use windbreaks for added privacy and to keep their dogs more secure.

4. Choosing a Site

Most sites will welcome dogs, both in the UK and Europe. Make sure you check the site rules before booking though. When choosing a site make sure it will be suitable for your dog.
If you have a nervous dog you may want to find a quiet certified site with fewer people.
There are plenty of sites situated close to coastal walks, countryside or even woodlands. If you want to test your dogs natural ability then Love2Stay have their own dog agility course.
Your dog will love a holiday in Europe too, with locations at the coast and on huge lakes. You can take the ferry to France, Spain or Holland and then travel on throughout Europe. If you donโ€™t fancy a ferry then the EuroTunnel will have you in France in about forty minutes.

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5. Drying Off and Keeping Clean

Dogs by nature become wet whatever the weather. In wet weather they get wet bellies and paws. In hot weather they always manage to find ponds, streams and rivers. It might even be you have a roller, a dog that always manages to find something disgusting to roll in. The last thing you want is a wet dog in your motorhome, shaking and rubbing on your furniture. The most effective way to dry them off is with a DoggyBag (Using HWT10 at checkout for 10% off). This microfibre bag works extremely well, containing hair, dirt and damp and you can shake them out once dry.
If you do allow your dog on the furniture then some throws may prolong the life of your upholstery and keep things clean. They make pet hair less troublesome too.

The Paws of Approval

I am sure youโ€™re dog will love the motorhoming life, regular weekends away, holidays by the sea, trips to the countryside, the list goes on. It should be an opportunity for you to spend time together and get outdoors. You will meet plenty of other dog owners too. Owning a dog comes with a social life. If you are looking for a motorhome, many dealerships will welcome your pets and let you look at models with them. The buying process includes all the family after all. Enjoy your motorhoming with your furry friend!

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